About Molly Brandenburg

Molly Brandenburg is a writer, cartoonist and comedy performer. Her cartoons are a regular feature of RestoringTruthiness.org. Her original cartoon books, EVERYDAY CAT EXCUSES and the newly released THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS are available at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and everywhere cat cartoon books are needed! Molly also performs as lounge singer Miss Peggy Judy, who can be seen on www.PeggyJudy.com.

The Truth About Cats Underbelly

Mel Succumbs to Mitt Romnarcolepsy

Mel succumbs to Mitt Romnarcolepsy as the seemingly endless G.O.P. presidential campaign sheds former frontrunner Newt Gingrich, in favor of (yawn) Mitt Romney.

Romney Graph: 2012 Campaign Progress Chart New Updated!

Romney Graph: 2012 Campaign Progress Chart New Updated!

Molly Brandenburg Nominated for Ebook Award for ‘The Truth About Cats’

Restoring Truthiness cartoonist Molly Brandenburg is known for being a cat lover, and now her second book of cat cartoons, THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS, has been nominated for an award in the Global Ebook Awards competition, which honors outstanding works of fiction and nonfiction published in Ebook form. The awards ceremony will be held this […]

G.O.P. Presidential Candidate Math Quiz

Restoring Truthiness Comedian to Perform at LA’s Comedy Store

Restoring Truthiness cartoonist (and comedy performer) Molly Brandenburg will perform as her lounge act character, Miss Peggy Judy, on Monday night, February 20 at the legendary Comedy Store Club at 8433 W. Sunset Blvd, in West Hollywood, at 8PM, in a lineup of comedians. $10 cover. Ms. Brandenburg’s cartoons can be seen as a regular feature […]

Vote For The Cartoon Character of Your Choice!

The real question behind the G.O.P. primaries isn’t really about the issues, it’s about what candidate is most like our favorite cartoon characters. Is it Buzz Lightyear, or Mr. Stay-Puf Marshmallow? Let the people decide!

The Ultimate 2012 New Year’s Resolution

Final list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2012. Seems doable. What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Related articles Sugar Shout Out: The Most Anticipated Films of 2012 (popsugar.com) Resolutely not (shoutingatwindmills.com)

Brain Explodes from Too Much Holly Jolly Christmas

Brain explodes after 15,000th hearing of Burl Ives singing “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas”

The Weirdly Expanding Head of Newt Gingrich

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The Last Gasp of the Failed GOP Frontrunner

With Newt Gingrich the current frontrunner for the GOP nomination and the recent implosion of the Herman Cain campaign, here’s a look at fates of the last few GOP presidential candidates that were once the frontrunner (i.e. Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry).