Ron Paul Wins By A Fist

Andrew Harnik’s photo of a lone, clenched fist next to Ron Paul at a rally in Iowa won the first-place prize in the “Eyes of History” annual competition. The award given by the White House Photographers Association was the fourth first-place win for the Washington Times’ photographer. The photo has also been called the “Political Photo […]

The Biggest Democratic Scandal of 2012: Clinton Goes Rogue

At one point many saw Hillary Clinton as a respectable Secretary of State. She was dignified. She was tough. Then came the G20 summit where she brashly decided to wear green–when everyone was clearly supposed to wear white. Only time will tell if she can overcome this clear violation of foreign Diplomacy. These are serious […]

Rick Santorum Should Pick Jeremy Lin To Be His Vice Presidential Candidate

The rise of Jeremy Lin in the last two weeks is an amazing story that has no rival in recent memory except one: That of Rick Santorum. The two have an eerily similar success from scratch feel to them. Rick Santorum was given slim chance to contend with the other presidential nominees. He was behind […]

Democrats Should Bailout Allen Iverson Because He Is “Too Big To Fail.”

Allen Iverson was recently ordered by a Georgia judge to pay the $860,000 he owes for jewelry purchases. Unable to pay the tab, his bank accounts will be seized and his wages garnished. We have to ask ourselves if this is fair. Should we let Allen Iverson (A.I.) go bankrupt? He stands as one of […]

Killer Unmanned Military Drone Lacks Accountability

A recent story reported in the LA Times asks the question: Who’s accountable for unpiloted drones? The brilliant answer is of course: No one! And this is all a part of a master governmental plan that Restoring Truthiness has uncovered. Think about it. Not too long ago, an American military drone crashed in the tiny Island […]

President Obama Delivers “State of Reality” Speech A Week After His “State of the Union” Address

  President Obama Delivers A Dose of Reality To Students One Week After State of the Union After delivering his “State of the Union” speech last week, President Obama decided to address a group of college seniors at the prestigious University of Norfolk in Detroit, Michigan. The speech has now been dubbed the “State of Reality” […]