Grover Norquist: Super Committee Failed Because Obama Taxed Poor Smokers

Grover Norquist has a bug up his butt and apparently it’s been camped out there for at least two and a half years. What insect could possibly survive inside the anus of Norquist, the president of a taxpayer advocacy group, Americans for Tax Reform, whose sphincter muscles must be suffocatingly tight, except of course when he spews his tax “reform” feces pledges all over our economy.

Herman Cain Accuser Shines Light on Debilitating Affliction of Sensitivity to Gender-Based Humor

Just last night Herman Cain dug himself the deepest hole in his sexual harassment scandal for which to fill with the hundreds of thousands of new dollars of funding he received due to the high profile charges. With a total of five accusers, four of which are accusing him of personally harassing them, Cain came […]

Felonious Munk Presents: Stop It B! Munk Plays The Race Card

If his YouTube description ain’t enough to communication his meaning, then his video will. “Social scientist” Felonious Munk will be appearing with a panel intellectuals on Wednesday, November 9th at Pace University to discuss “the effects that education has on blackness in these ‘Post-Racial’ times”. Two other scholars include Marc Lamont Hill, an Associate Professor of […]

Sing A Long with the President! Obama Sings “Trick the Bridesmaid”

It’s the second installment of our new favorite peeps, Bad Lip Reading. We’re trying to catch up with them. We know we’re behind but we count ouselves lucky in that regard because we don’t have to wait for new videos. They’re all new to us! Here’s the chorus for those that love to sing along! […]

Herman Cain to #OccupyWallStreet: Just Get Rich, You Stupid, Lazy-Ass, Hippy, Protesting, Whatever-the-Hell-You-Are People! (VIDEO)

In our new segment titled Paraphrasing Gone Horribly Wrong, here is our disasterous attempt to paraphrase Herman Cain’s recent interview with the Wall Street Journal regarding the Occupy Wall Street Protesters. We apologize in advance for all the errors; see the video below for the actual interview: I don’t have facts to back this up […]

Republicans Want You to Work for Pooping Pooches Who Create Shovel-Ready Jobs

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson made the bold statement at Thursday’s Fox News/Google debate that his “next-door neighbor’s two dogs have created more shovel-ready jobs than this current administration.” The crowd enthusiastically applauded the pooches’ fiscal fecal efforts but it raises the question: if politicians can’t even write their own jokes how can we […]

The Daily Show Correspondents Explain: Political Parties – The Two-Party System

According to the experts at The Daily Show, “the two-party system is all about choosing the candidate you’re less in hate with — unless somebody’s wealthy grandpa ruins that.” In this segment, the correspondents discuss whether the two party system is a healthy system for the United States and where this idea of “only two” […]

Sarah Palin Relaunches One Nation Bus Tour and Real Americans Bullsh!t

Sarah Palin must not be good at math. Either that or she doesn’t know what the number one actually means. She has titled her on-again, off-again bus tour “One Nation” but she continues to divide the nation into two: the real Americans who live in small towns and love America, and the fake Americans who live in cities and the suburbs who hate America.

Jon Bershad of Mediaite Rips Media for Ginning Up Outrage Over “New Spider-Man”

Time to whip out your outrage-o-meter, Real Americans! Marvel Comics has killed off the great white American hetero-hero, Spider-Man. Even his Spidey senses couldn’t save this action hero from affirmative action. Well at least that’s the argument that some in the Conservative media are making. But as Jon Bershad of Mediate explains, Spidey is perfectly […]

Rupert Murdoch’s The News of the World Hacks into Missing Girl’s Voicemail

What’s more important? The safe return of a missing young teenage girl or the circulation numbers of The News of the World the “largest selling English-language newspaper in the world.” (Wikipedia) It’s obvious right? The circulation numbers for News Of The World. Well according to Scotland Yard, who is investigating the fact that The News […]