EPIC FAIL: Super Committee Inflicts Economic Waterboarding

Remember that Super Committee that was going to save the greatest country in the world from another epic economic collapse while demonstrating true bipartisan camaraderie and teaching us all the meaning of fiscal responsibility? You know, the one that, if it failed to cut the deficit by $1.2tn, the metaphorical gun-to-our-heads would go off and […]

Journalists Held Hostage by G20 Officials After Secret Communiqué Regarding Benjamin Netanyahu was Threatened with Release

Tense moments ticked away as a room full of restless reporters stared at one another wondering what to do. Those that were paying attention were shocked at what they had just heard. The others were shocked at why half the room was looking so shocked at them. Whatever it was, it was serious! What they […]

Felonious Munk Presents: Stop It B! OBAMA PAY YOUR &*%$#% BILLS

Agree with him, disagree with him, whatever. Felonious Munk‘s delivery of his grievances with Obama and the federal government is a perfect reflection of how millions of Americans feel about the state of our country and the economy. Chances are there is something in this oh-so-eloquent rant that you will identify with if you haven’t […]

Guy Yells “Allahu Akbar” in Crowded “Theater”

“Mysterious markings” have been discovered on the underbellies of Southwest Airline planes and has prompted an FBI investigation. The writing, according to many media reports, is believed to be in Arabic or something that looks like Arabic – but apparently anyone that could actually read Arabic and tell us whether it actually is Arabic or […]

Roger Williams Texas GOP Candidate, AKA The Donkey Whisperer

Roger Williams, Texas GOP congressional candidate, claims he’s The Donkey Whisper. In his latest campaign ad he shows off his mad donkey skills by speaking to a horde of braying dumb asses as if they’re socialist welfare recipients who continually beg for more shelter, more feed, and more “hand outs” while demanding that the government […]

Rush Limbaugh Sees Obama in Oreo Cookie

Rush Limbaugh says garbage most of the time and guys like him and Glenn Beck use race baiting on a continual bases to generate media coverage and thus increase their ratings. Thus it is often important to pick and choose when to address such lunacy. Limbaugh’s latest comments regarding Oreos and President Obama’s ethnic heritage […]

Ricky Perry Announces He’s Going to Announce Something about Something Sometime

Rick Perry is about to pull a “Sarah Palin” and this time the Republican Party is not so happy about it. You see, back in June, Mitt Romney was forking out the potato salad to supporters in New Hampshire during his campaign launch, setting up the perfect photo op for the news media. Well, never […]

News of the World Will Cease Operations

News International announced they will be shutting down The News of the World and making Sunday’s edition it last. News International admits that the closing will result in 200 tabloid staffers losing their jobs. But, no worries, a company spokeswoman said that those laid off can apply for other jobs in the media firm. What’s […]

Rush Limbaugh’s Liber-Tea: Two If By Tea

Possibly as a forever reminder to Sarah Palin of the real story of Paul Revere, Rush Limbaugh has officially released his first ever non-potent potable (pun intended) Two If By Tea. It took them a year to develop and according to Rush it is “kick butt.” Apparently it’s only available online because they wanted to […]

The Sperminator Schwarzenegger Admits to Fathering Child With Household Staffer

Apparently while Maria Shriver was defending her husband Arnold Schwarzenegger through allegations of sexual misconduct back in 2003, the soon to be “Governator” was likely getting it on with the help (hence our affectionate new nickname, “The Sperminator” – action figures coming soon). Obviously, he was having trouble keeping it in his pants so much so that he fathered a child with a household staffer 10 years ago. But what really takes the cake is…