Newt Gingrich: Fire School Janitors, Hire Children – Child Labor Laws Are “Truly Stupid”

Newt Gingrich believes it’s the government’s job to teach poor kids how to be successful business men and women. And to do that he has a plan: “get rid of the unionized janitors, have one master janitor and pay local students to take care of the school.” We are soooo not making that up. He […]

Nancy Pelosi Speaker Slams Rick Perry (VIDEO)

If there was a Darwin Award for political suicide, Rick Perry would have won it after his nationally televised “Oops” gaff signaled a deficiency in the holding-more-than-two-pieces-of-information-in-the-brain-at-once gene. Having survived the near death experience, Perry exercised the few remaining brain cells that didn’t abandon his campaign and thought, “Wouldn’t it be a brilliant idea for […]

Conservative Nightmare Gloria Allred Exists Due to Conservative Ideals

The Herman Cain Campaign needs to understand that they only have conservative ideals to blame for the existence of Gloria Allred. As new allegations of unwelcomed hands in crotches surfaced today by yet another woman, “activist celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred” finally threw her blazer in the ring as the representative of victim number four, Sharon […]

Answer: A member of the 99% – Question: What Is Ken Jennings?

If you’re a Jeopardy geek like me, you’ll remember Ken Jennings for his epic and as yet unbeaten run of 74 straight ass-whoop’ns on the best quiz show in history. But that was a different time. A time when birds sang, the sun shined and fairies tucked you in at night. Now robots are taking […]

Rick Perry: Save a Pretzel for the Gas Jets!

Okay so we’re slow on the pick up on this one but if you haven’t seen this video yet it should make your day. It was posted by BadLipReading on their YouTube Channel on September 18 and more recently on their new website on October 1st. It’s shear genius and better yet there’s more where […]

Message Control Center Loses Its “Class Warfare” Message

The Message Control Center has made yet another major snafu. In an attempt to disseminate their talking points to their conservative cronies, they accidentally sent their email message to all their liberal media nemesises. If you were wondering why all those Republican talking heads seemed to be repeating the same “class warfare” rhetoric, well, look […]

GOP New Jersey Housewife: Carl Lewis is a dark skinned freeloader

Yes, THAT Carl Lewis. Google him! The same Carl Lewis that won four Olympic gold medals in Los Angeles in 1984, two Olympic gold medals in Seoul in 1988, two Olympic gold medals in Barcelona in 1992, and one more Olympic gold medal in Atlanta in 1996. Yeah, THAT guy!

Forget about the eight World Championship gold medals and the two gold medals from the Pan American Games.

Goldman Sachs Vampire in Darrell Issa Camp

After sucking the life out of our near-death economy nearly four years ago, former Goldman Sachs executive vampires are on the loose. One in particular has nested in the camp of Darrell Issa, the Republican congressman from California. And this one is a crafty one. He goes by the name of Peter Haller and he […]

Gay Republican Group GOProud Taps Ann Coulter to Serve for Advisory Council

Think pink elephants and you’ve just about nailed what should be GOProud‘s mascot. But who would have guessed that their “Gay Icon” would be Ann Coulter? Well, anyone that knows anything about GOProud probably would have guessed that. She is the Barbara Streisand of the Republigays apparently and her word is gold. That’s why GOProud, […]

Allen West Doesn’t Know Arse from Hole in House Floor

Allen West, freshman congressman from Florida, is a little wet behind the ears. Apparently he confused his arsehole with a House floor debate. It happens. And you thought politics wasn’t interesting. Anyway, the confusion began when Debbie Wasserman Schultz, also a congressperson from Florida, whose district just so happens to neighbor West’s district, remarked on […]