Ron Paul: I’ll Haunt Your Prostate, Free Bananas!

Watch out for your prostates, men! And not because of the glow in the dark urethra beaming out of your pants. That’s just radiation or cancer or whatever. No, you need to be on the lookout now for Ron Paul who, according to Bad Lip Reading, wants to haunt your prostate! We all thought this […]

Insider Trading Congressional Confusion: Bachus, Baucus or Bacchus?

Evidently there has been some confusion in the insider trading scandal plaguing Congress. See, there are two congressmen who happen to share a name that’s a homophone with the Roman god Bacchus (AKA Dionysus – the god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of ritual madness and ecstasy – you know, the god who […]

Comedian Brad Stine on Fox & Friends: Boys Invented Apple Computers

Conservative ideals produce virile strong men and liberal ideals produce wussy effeminate mama’s boys according to comedian and Gérard Depardieu stunt double Brad Stine. And with new statistics to back nothing up like the fact that more and more fully grown men are living at home with their parents Stine has concluded that the “wussification […]

Skank Ass Law Firm of Steven J. Baum Puts on Worst Halloween Costume Event Ever!

The law firm of Steven J. Baum loves Halloween. The whole gang at the office gets involved. So much so that they not only spend the holiday decked out in Halloween costumes and munching on candy corn. They go all out with an office theme replete with decorations. And boy do they know how to […]

5 Things You Missed At The Hearing On The State Of Religious Liberty In The United States

Columbus was exercising his religious liberty, Jefferson is a socialist, Leninist and marriage equality is like desecrating the Eucharist. That’s just a smidge of the lessons you learned if you watched The Hearing On The State Of Religious Liberty In The United States. But we know you didn’t because you have a real life. So […]

Bloomberg Not Buying into Sales Rhetoric of Taxis He’s Buying

“You can take comfort knowing the MV-1 was built like a truck: strong and dependable,” reads the sales text on the website of VPG Autos, the Indiana-based makers of the MV-1 Taxi – New York’s new wheelchair accessible Taxi of “the Meantime.” And Mayor Michael Bloomberg ain’t buying it! The language, that is. He totally […]

NAILED! Victoria Jackson Takes on #OccupyWallStreet

Victoria Jackson, known for her career as a Saturday Night Live cast member, bravely ventured into the sea of Occupy Wall Street protesters in Lower Manhattan in an attempt to determine just what these left-wing agitators of are protesting. It’s 15 minutes of fun as Jackson begins by pointing out the decade long absence of […]

Chris Christie Says No: In Related News, GOP Suffers Mad Case of Blue Balls

The super sexy Chris Christie, the Angelina Jolie of the Republican presidential race for the past couple weeks, the Marilyn Monroe of the GOP has officially pulled out of the race. Okay, he was never in the race; he just teased all of us with statements like, “No, I am sooo not going to run, […]

Obama’s Deficit Plan – Whose Class Warfare Is it?

It’s no surprise that the Republican leadership has their Calvin’s in a bunch over President Obama’s new deficit reduction plan. By golly, it has a provision in it that would call for an increase in taxes on a specific economic class in America. That is simply Un-American. Of course we’re referring to the poor rich […]

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are Sexist Pigs Yet Again

Where have all the females gone? According to artist Jennifer Dalton, they’re not on the Daily Show or The Colbert Report. Nope. According to her recent art installation “Cool Guys Like You” featured at New York City’s Winkleman Gallery only 21% of The Daily Show‘s guests in 2010 were women, while only 17.5% of The […]