Herman Cain: How Do Speak Cuban?

While on a campaign stop in Miami’s Little Havana yesterday, the Most Interesting Man in the World, Herman Cain, took a moment to sample the local Cuban fare. Wanting to articulate his deep satisfaction with the quality of the food, Cain sought assistance in expressing himself. And considering he is fluent in Australian, Cain understood […]

Mayor Bloomberg’s Top Five Reasons for Screwing Over Wheelchair-Assisted Americans

As we mentioned in our previous post, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is on a mission to transform New York City taxis. Back in December 2009, Mayor Bloomberg and the Taxi and Limousine Commission issued a "Request for Proposals" which invited auto makers to submit ideas for a new vehicle to serve as the New York City […]

NAILED! Occupy Wall Street Protester Educates Fox News Reporter

For some reason, this didn’t make it to air on Fox News. No idea why.

Emmy Winners List is Out: Daily Show Dominates

It was inevitable. With eight straight wins and eleven straight nominations, you didn’t need Nostradamus to predict who was going to win the Emmy for “Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series” at the 63rd Primetime Emmys on Sunday night. It was The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Hah! Just kidding! Scared you though, right? He […]

Bloomberg Commits Event Planning Faux Pas, Does Not Invite Honorees – 9/11 First Responders

Mayor Bloomberg just created a new job and he didn’t even have to use the government’s stimulus package. If you’re a good event planner, check it out. The main requirement for this job is: Don’t forget the guests of honor. You see it has been announced that the First Responders, you know, the men and […]

Did Barney Frank Fart At Rachel Maddow on MSNBC?

What on God’s earth did Rachel Maddow do to deserve the anal acoustics presented so ineloquently by Barney Frank on her Monday night? While discussing the U.S. budget, jobs and the debt, Barney Frank appeared to sound the butt trumpet, yet offered no “excuse me” and continued on with his statement. What? Did he think […]

Don Lemon Gets Colbert Bump, Daily Show Grind and a Set of Balls (VIDEOS)

After receiving the Colbert bump and the Daily Show grind last week, CNN anchor Don Lemon has definitely turned up the heat on our nation’s politicians despite the network’s insistence on using Lemon in their gimmicky stunts. As Jon Stewart explains: It turns out reporter Don Lemon prefers reporting such stories as the uprisings in […]

Miss USA Contestants Discuss Whether Evolution Should be Taught in Schools

Truly funny responses from Miss USA contestants to the question about whether or not evolution should be taught in schools. Apparently, some responses are more evolved than others. No: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky Sort of: Iowa (elective), Mississippi (not taught as fact), Virginia (little bits and pieces) Too Tough to Answer: Louisiana […]

Tracy Morgan Blows It With Hate-filled Anti-Gay Rant – Attempts Apology (VIDEO)

Remember when Mel Gibson had a career? That was fun. Well this is kinda like that. After months of hearing nothing but heterosexual sex scandals in the news media, Tracy Morgan took the time during his stand up routine in Nashville recently to remind his audience that it’s the homos that are the “mistakes.” Kevin […]

Man Selling Dried Leaves Gets Life in Prison (UBER-UPDATE)

A 35-year-old Louisiana man named Cornell Hood was convicted of marijuana possession for the fourth time by St. Tammany Parish, in New Orleans, LA and sentenced to life in prison. According to the Times-Picayune: State Judge Raymond S. Childress punished Hood under Louisiana’s repeat-offender law in his courtroom in Covington on Thursday. A jury on […]