“Prolific Proliferator” and Other Reasons Why I’m Relieved

You know that feeling when you get sensation back in your fingers again? Or when gasping for air after holding your breath way longer your friends while sitting by the pool—and you feel alive again? Well that was my euphoria Wednesday night when I watched Santorum and Romney shank each other with pocket knives the […]

A TrumpDorsement and Why It Matters

You’ve heard the news. You’ve rolled your eyes and went about your day. But as a proud patriot I”m just gonna state the facts here. Like all us conservatives do. And the simple fact is this: the Romney campaign should feel blessed that they received Donald Trump’s endorsement. The celestial event is known as a […]

Quote of the day: Newt Gingrich, “Hold on a minute. Let me concentrate.”

In an outdoor town hall meeting Friday afternoon, attendees were in a state of bewilderment shortly after Newt Gingrich took 53 seconds to answer a question. What followed next put everyone in a state of confusion, including the news media. The question came from a South Carolina college freshman. He asked what Gingrich’s policy would […]

An Open Letter to Women From Ron Paul

Dear female citizens of these United States, Now that it is becoming possible that I might win the Republican primary, naturally I’m already thinking of how I’m going to govern as president. People are always asking me if I’m going to change once I’m in office. My simple answer is NO. I am still going […]

Anderson Cooper Losing Touch with America

In a Wednesday morning live broadcast predicting Iowa Republican Caucus winners, journalism’s huggy-bear Anderson Cooper dropped a bomb on his loyal viewership, who take pride in his vast knowledge of world affairs. Cooper pointed to an obvious graphical map of the United States exclaiming “I still don’t understand what the hell this thing shows.” A […]