Herman Cain Tweets the Definition of Reassessing

In case you’re too stupid to know what the word “reassessing” means, Herman Cain  whipped out the twictionary today to explain it to you. From THEHermainCain: “Team HC: The definition of reassess is: To consider again, esp. while paying attention to new factors. Doesn’t sound like dropping out…” Got that? It doesn’t “sound like” dropping […]

Post Office: A Refrigerator Has Never Been Hacked

Remember the last time you sent an email through your refrigerator? Or downloaded an ebook through your corkboard? Well, according to the United States Postal Service, you made a brilliant decision. As they explain to Americans in their latest round of commercials: A refrigerator has never been hacked. An online virus has never attacked a […]

Stage Mom Out Sluts All Others by Pimping Her Daughter at Fashion Week

Models are getting younger and younger these days and stage moms are getting sluttier and sluttier as evidenced at this year’s Fashion Week. Cicciabella, the outdoor slipper designer, debuted its new line of kids cowboy boots and slippers on Thursday in an underground bar at the Bryant Park Hotel while holding the 2012 Cowgirl Riders […]

Fox News Megyn Kelly Impersonates a Democrat – Claims Jon Stewart Took Her Out of Context

Either Republicans and Democrats are exactly the same when it comes to their beliefs on entitlements, or somebody is playing a sick and twisted game of “Now I’ve Got You, You Son of a Bitch.” In a recent, exclusive, detailed interview with Mediaite, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly sat down to discuss a myriad of issues […]

Sarah Palin’s New Granddaughter, Kyla Grace, Eager to Escape the Womb

It’s obvious already that Sarah Palin’s granddaughter is a smart little girl. Having spent only three months in the womb and thus being forced to spend three months with the Palin family, she knew there was no escape so she bailed out early. And we know she bailed out early because Sarah Palin’s daughter-in-law, Britta […]

Did you get the memo? CREDO Says Your Phone Company Supports the Tea Party

Did you get this memo sent by CREDO to a number of their members? Does Your Phone Company Support the Tea Party? Tea Party politicians are determined to end Medicare as we know it. The right-wing House passed Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan to gut Medicare in April, and last month 40 senators voted in […]

The Glenn Beck Show Farewell (VIDEO)

With The Glenn Beck Show ending this past week, we felt it was our duty to give Glenn Beck and his Fox News show a proper send off. Thank you, Mr. Beck, for the memories! Related articles My Political Comedy Heroes at The Onion Deserve a Pulitzer (restoringtruthiness.org)

Ann Coulter’s Hypothetical Gay Son Was Adopted

After refusing to answer hypothetical personal questions from the fearsome Piers Morgan on CNN last week, the fearless Ann Coulter ran to Fox News host Hannity to finally answer the question: “Ann. If your children were born homosexual, what would you do?” Wait, let’s put this in its proper context. As Hannity said it: If […]

AP and Reuters Boycott GOP Debate Due to Fox News Restricted Media Access

Not only did Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Mitch Daniels and Mike Huckabee sit out of tonight’s GOP presidential primary debate, co-sponsored by Fox News and the South Carolina Republican Party, but major media organizations also sat out as well including the Associated Press and Reuters. The AP cited “restrictions placed on media access” […]

Osama bin Laden is Dead: Did Obama Fulfill a Promise? (Video)

ack in an October 2008 presidential debate then Senator Obama was asked about how to handle the situation in Pakistan and how if at all we should pursue al Qaeda terrorists keeping their bases in Pakistan. Judging from his response and the recent news of bin Laden’s death can we consider this one a promise kept by the Obama Administration?