‘Teleprompters Should Be Illegal’ Says Man Who Wants to be President

Rick Santorum, Presidential candidate, has declared in a speech in Mississippi that teleprompters should be illegal. No, not as a joke. No, not to satirize the dangers of an over-sized government. Rick Santorum, (Did I mention Presidential candidate?) in the most important two weeks of Primary Season is legitimately and sincerely proposing that the government […]

Santorum’s Plan to Harm Impoverished Women Revealed

Rick Santorum, hater of women, standing on some hay to look folksy. It is well documented that Rick Santorum hates women. Especially women who don’t constantly have babies. Santorum has stated in several speeches and interviews that birth control doesn’t work and that it “is harmful to women” and the country. However, in a recent […]

Herman Cain Endorses Newt by Using the Term ‘Sausage-Grinder’ Three Times

Herman Cain has endorsed Newt Gingrich for President and in typical Herman Cain style he could not resist saying something stupidly pizza related: Here are the facts, no one says sausage grinder. The colloquial term is meat grinder. But for some reason Herman Cain decided to specifically call politics a ‘sausage-grinder’. And he didn’t just […]

Iran Afraid of Dolls, Barbie Insurgency Continues

Girl being corrupted by dolls. Iran has delivered another blow to the Barbie Insurgency by shutting down toy stores daring to sell the filthy American dolls. For decades these domestic doll terrorists have been infiltrating Iran’s borders! According to Iran’s judiciary Barbie and Ken are “dangerous” and “destructive” like a “Trojan Horse sneaking in Western […]

Mitt Romney’s Presidential Campaign Ruined Because He Spoke French Once

Newt Gingrich, self-proclaimed legitimate Presidential candidate, has been flexing his muscles in South Carolina by attacking the current Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney. It has proven difficult to attack Romney on the basis of political platform and policy because frankly people don’t care about that. But there is one thing that Newt knows everyone in America […]

Herman Cain Refuses to Leave America Alone, Starts Obnoxious Bus Tour

Herman Cain not being self-promoting. After a month of inexplicable absence from the political spotlight Herman Cain has returned in full force by announcing on “Hannity” that he will be launching a unique and not at all obnoxious bus tour to tout his grand unified theory of taxation summed up as the 9-9-9 tax plan. […]

Top 10 Best (Worst) Names in Congress – House and Senate

This is a call to action. By now most of the country realizes that the system is broken. The entire electorate is a farce yet much of our Congress continues to be filled with people who have serious sounding names like Scott P. Brown and Carl Levin. What many don’t realize is that our Congress […]