Rick Perry Attack Ad: Video Resume For Home Depot Night Manager Gig

  Presidential hopeful Rick Perry, R-TX, is running a new 30-second advertisement accusing President Obama of having “socialist policies.” To which my immediate response was, “Pfft, I wish.” The ad has been running in heavy rotation on Fox News and is the latest of several ads released by Perry’s camp attacking the president. Although a […]

Herman Cain: The Beatles of Bullshit

In an Interview Monday with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel editorial board, Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain was asked a question regarding Libya and instead of answering the question, he decided he would word-vomit all over the nice mahogany conference table. Since the actual transcripts and video are available ubiquitously, I have opted to translate the video […]

Bachmann Meets Occupy Wall Street’s Human Microphone and She Don’t Like No Feedback

While giving a speech on a campaign stop in South Carolina last Thursday, presidential hopeful Michelle Bachmann clashed with the voices that had been haunting her dreams for two months: The Occupy Wall Street human microphone. During Ms. Bachmann’s lecture on foreign policy, about ten Occupy Wall Street protestors stood and began a prepared statement, […]

Rick Perry Debate Gaffe Heard ‘Round the World

During the Republican debate on Wednesday night, presidential hopeful Rick Perry, while discussing his flat-tax plan stated, “And I will tell you, it is three agencies of government when I get there that are gone. Commerce, Education, and the…what’s the third one there? …Let’s see.” Then, in an act of sheer frustration, Governor Rick Perry, […]

Why Ronald Reagan Hates Michele Bachmann

In an ABC News/ Yahoo interview on Tuesday, Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann said that if she had a choice to add anyone to Mount Rushmore it would be Ronald Reagan, James Garfield and Calvin Coolidge. The mainstream media has picked this up and used it as an indictment of her bizarre version of American […]

Occupy Wall Street & The Tea Party: Eating The Same Bad Skittles

When someone offers Skittles, eight is really the ideal serving size. Less than that and you sort of feel cheated by the Corn Syrup Gods. However, this can be remedied by maintaining eye contact with the not-so-generous Skittle bag bearer, refusing to withdrawal your outstretched hand and solemnly declaring in a hushed tone, “Dude, I […]

A New Republican Strategy For 2012: Nominate Nobody

(Photo: David.Monniaux) Poll after poll reveals that if the general election were to be held today, President Obama would win by a slight margin against the leading Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Moreover, he would beat any other republican candidate if the race were held today. Every candidate except one: the Generic Ballot Republican. If the […]

Rand Paul Spinning His Wheels On Failed Amendment

Sen. Rand Paul, R-KY, failed to pass an amendment Tuesday that would reallocate federal money set aside for bike trails and walking paths to repair currently decaying infrastructure, like bridges and tunnels. This is the third time in two months Republican lawmakers have tried to pass this amendment. Now that the amendment has been defeated […]

Herman Cain: Sexual Allegations Ain’t No Pizza Party

Scrolling down the list of things Herman Cain is unaware of (global warming, check; The Neo-Conservative Movement, check; a realistic assessment of the threat of Sharia Law to Sandy Springs, Georgia, check), we can hastily scribble one more item on the seemingly endless I Donno’ List: Herman Cain is unaware whether anyone was given cash […]