Black Friday, Penn State Riots vs. Tea Party and #OWS

The reality check America needs right now could not be better explained than by Tommy Christopher of Mediaite in his piece Why America Is Doomed: We Riot For Waffle Irons And Disgraced Football Coaches. After watching endless replays of the pepper spraying cop at UC Davis fumigate a row of peacefully protesting students, it was […]

EPIC FEMA FAIL! Emergency Alert System Plays Lady Gaga Paparazzi

Next time you hear Lady Gaga music, be warned, it could very well be a national emergency! And not just because insufferably stylish flash mobs have broken out across the country. No. Evidently, FEMA has decided to use Lady Gaga’s hit song Paparazzi as their new theme music for their Emergency Alert System. On Wednesday, […]

Is Global Warming Caused by Squirrels?

Let’s hope so otherwise the global warming issue will be forever forgotten by the news media in favor more pressing stories like the re-emergence of the highly illusive McRib sandwich. It only comes out of hiding once a year and sightings are rare, so went it does, it is expected that the Cronkite-esque reporters at […]

Obama Stares Down Antichrist Heckler

Hecklers. They’re everywhere. They heckle everyone. Some deserve it. And some deserve to get it handed to them like the douche bags who heckled (booed) one of our soldiers actively serving in Iraq. Some are just crazy and may need to consider hospitalization. Consider the case of the heckler, David Serrano, who interrupted Barack Obama‘s […]

Job Opening for Job Act Title Writer with Rep. Louie Gohmert

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) hasn’t officially opened any new positions within his offices in regards to writing titles for job acts, but if the name of his recent job act is any indication he might need some help. Gohmert introduced today his “American Jobs Act” — not to be confused with President Obama’s “American Jobs […]

Rick Perry to Give Ben Bernanke a Makeover For Committing Treason

In the immortal words of George Bush III, er, Rick Parry, er Rick Perry, “If this [Ben Bernanke] prints more money between now and the election, I don’t know what y’all would do to him in Iowa, but we — we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas.” Ooooooh, snap! Sounds like Rick Perry’s […]

UPDATE: Michele Bachmann Newsweek “Queen of Rage” Cover Causes Rage (VIDEO)

If you aren’t terror stricken yet by the thought of Michele Bachmann as president of the United States, you will be once you see the cover of this week’s Newsweek magazine. The perma-panic look on her face is the same look that afflicted many of us when we heard those horrifying words that she was […]

Dow Jones and the Temple of Economic Doom

Dow Jones and the Temple of Economic Doom Where’s Harrison Ford when you need him? Our economy has had its still beating stock market of a heart pried from its chest while being dangled over a volcanic fire on its way to certain financial doom. This is a moment for Indiana Jones and that little […]

Fox News’ Shepard Smith on Caylee’s Law: I’m not sure what the motive is (VIDEO)

Fox News is so against any proposed new Caylee’s Law that now Shepard Smith is attacking Republican congressman Bill Hager who proposed a law in Florida which would make it a felony to not report the disappearance of a child in a timely manner. While they and others have brought up some legitimate concerns regarding […]

Suspicious Package Found At Weiner’s Office, Seriously

Oh the fun just never ends! Now a suspicious package shows up outside former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s congressional office. Get it “suspicious package”. What a knee-slapper that is! Yeah, see apparently a box of CDs mistaken for, oh I don’t know, a BOMB appeared mysteriously in front of Rep Weiner’s office shortly before he was […]