Iowa: Exit Stage Right

In her article “Feel Free to Ignore Iowa” in the New York Times last week, Gail Collins made a very strong argument as to why Iowa doesn’t matter in the overall political panorama as much as the media likes to make it seem.  However, as much as we may wish that this statement was true, […]

GOP Candidate, Ron Paul, Storms Off CNN Set: Interview Continues Without Him

During a CNN interview on Wednesday, GOP Congressman and candidate for president Ron Paul took off his microphone and walked out after questioning by Gloria Borgerseemed to make him uncomfortable and frustrated. The questions that were asked of Paul regarded newsletters he published 20 years ago.  The newsletters apparently contained some pretty incendiary racist material, […]

“Bad Economy Is Helping Fat Kids Lose Weight” Says NY Mayor Bloomberg

Finally some good news to come out of New York City Schools. According to New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg, childhood obesity rates have declined over the past five years. The Center for Disease Control reports that obesity rates of school-aged children has dropped from 21.9 to 20.7 percent. We asked a CDC spokesperson to […]

U.S. Economy Rebounding at the Expense of American Chimpanzees

With signs of the economy starting to show improvement, Americans are looking to the federal government to help stimulate opportunities in the job market.  Which is why it came as a shock yesterday when the National Institute of Health announced that it will no longer finance new medical research which involves an already hard-hit segment […]

Rick Santorum Wants You on his Santorum Sedan, Or Else!

Recent Gallup Poll numbers for GOP Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum aren’t looking good. With Newt Gingrich leading with 31% and Romney still holding steady at 23%, Rick Santorum still flounders with only 4% of people supporting him for a run against President Obama in 2012. Monday, in an interview on Phoenix conservative radio station KRNG, […]

Congress Reaches Bipartisan Consensus on Important Bill

Some of the most powerful members of Congress worked long into the night on Wednesday to come to an agreement on an important bill: the dinner bill. Several members of the U.S. Congress went out for a joint dining session last night at Washington’s popular eatery, the Old Ebbitt Grill. After eating and drinking in […]

CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute to Miley Cyrus’ Breasteses

CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute is an admirable event where CNN honors exceptional “every-day” people who have dedicated their lives to helping others, by allowing them to share the stage with celebrities.  What better way to honor these self-sacrificing, dedicated individuals than to have stars like Mary-Louise Parker, Ice Cube and Jerry Seinfeld tell them […]

NTSB: No Texting Your BFF to BYOB ASAP While Driving

The National Transportation Safety Board yesterday urged all U.S. states to ban drivers from using electronic devices while driving, including for text messaging. The NTSB issued the recommendation after several investigations that found texting to be a major cause of many automobile accidents, resulting in serious injury and death. We all agree that it’s bad […]