Newt Gingrich: Third Times A Charm or Cause For An Alarm?

Newt Gingrich: Third Times A Charm or Cause For An Alarm?: “I’m very happy to continue this campaign based on real solutions that … are going to attract a lot of Americans,” Gingrich said Monday while on a fundraising swing in California. “We’ve done it twice and I suspect you’re about to see us do […]

Whitney Houston: Newark City Counsel Loses Its Star Spangled Banner

Whitney Houston: Newark City Counsel Loses Its Star Spangled Banner: On Jan. 27, 1991,Whitney Houston took to the field at Tampa Stadium prior to Super Bowl XXV to sing the national anthem. The pop star had recorded the vocal weeks before in a Los Angeles studio and lip-synched the song, but few in the crowd […]

Barack Obama: The Conceiving of Contraception?

Barack Obama: The Conceiving of Contraception? A worldwide Roman Catholic broadcasting network(yes there is such a thing) based in Alabama (need I say more) filed suit Thursday against the Obama administration over its new mandate. Currently, most employers and insurers have to cover birth control free of charge; under the nation’s new health care law […]

Rick Santorum: Pretty Ricky Do-or-Die

Image via Wikipedia Rick Santorum: Pretty Ricky Do-or-Die It’s officially do-or-die time for Santorum (urr, yeah, he’s still running), and he needs to win two of these three races (Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri) to keep his White House chances alive. While the races in Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri haven’t received the same kind of attention […]

Mitt Romney: Romney Gives Us The Slip?

Mitt Romney graciously gave the world a new bumper sticker line yesterday when he blatantly uttered those now classic, and yet, not retractable words “I am not concerned with the poor” (insert sigh here). Yes, he said it and we say… finally an honest politician. One has to wonder if somewhere in the White House […]

Romney vs Gingrich: Together They Divide and Divided They Fall?

One could imagine how many congratulatory calls came flowing into Mitt Romney’s camp (no that’s not the joke) after his 14-point victory in Florida Tuesday night; all except one…the good sportsmanship call from main rival Newt Gingrich. Romney told TODAY’s show Matt Lauer on Wednesday, “other candidates all called. I guess. Speaker Gingrich doesn’t have our phone number.” Okay, now […]

Newt Gingrich: The Sugar Daddy’s Sweet Deal

By now most Americans have a good grasp on Newt Gingrich’s SuperPac (The “superPAC” is like a traditional Political Action Committee, without many of the restrictions) or how a man by the name Sheldon Adelson has most recently “given” Newt Gingrich’s campaign 10 million dollars.OK, I know you are probably thinking, can’t Sheldon find better […]

Political Debate: Desperately seeking…G.O.B for the G.O.P

This goes out in honor of the most recent GOP political debate;and the Republicans desperate scramble to find a party who can realistically compete with our President Barack Obama (no I did not limit it to just currently). Now wait, I know there is some red faced old man from Butcher Holler,Kentucky screaming at his […]

Nancy Pelosi: But I Won’t Do…That?

Does anyone remember the singer Meat Loaf’s song: I Would Do Anything For Love? In that song Meat Loaf proclaims,”I would do anything for love…but I won’t do that?” but we (the listener) could never figure out the cryptic message of what exactly “it” was he wouldn’t do? Much like the point of this last […]