Romney VS OBama: 1,000 Ways To Die (Grave Decisions)

Romney vs. Obama: 1,000 Ways To Die (Grave Decisions) On May 14, 2008 the Spike Television Network debuted their latest enchantment of a show that they lovingly called 1,000 Ways To Die. “Stylizatations 1000 Ways to Die takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to death through its presentation of stories derived from myths and science, and the […]

Michele Bachmann: The Wise Ear?

Michele Backmann: The Wise Ear? Former Homeschool Coalitions Director for Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign Barb Heki filed suit (ohh, I love it when people give me great material) against Bachmann and her senior campaign staff, alleging emotional distress and a damaged reputation (damaged rep?! Uhh hello…Republican…campaign theme…2012) during the run-up to the Iowa […]

John Boehner: Who…Is Sideshow Bob?

John Boehner: Who…Is Sideshow Bob? On October 9, 1994, during the sixth season of The Simpson’s Show there was the introduction of a villain know as, Sideshow Bob Roberts a.k.a. Sideshow Bob. In the episode, the character (narrated by Kelsey Grammer) wins an election through electoral fraud having claimed he recieved votes from certain named […]

Anderson Cooper: Did You Know?

Anderson Cooper: Did You Know? In approximately 1869 a German homosexual rights advocate by the name of Karl Heinrich Ulrichs introduced the concept of self-exposure as a means of emancipation for homosexual people. Ulrich claimed that “invisibility was a major obstacle toward changing public opinion.” This theory urged many homosexual people to reveal their same-sex […]

Obama vs Romney: The Duel or Was It?

Obama vs Romney: The Duel or Was It? The most famous duel in American history most certainly would be the one which occurred between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton. Although the accounts of precisely what happened sometimes conflict the basics are clear. Hamilton fired first, aiming high and missing Burr completely. Burr then aimed squarely […]

Mitt Romney & Barack Obama: The Middle Man?

When I was a younger person in around 1984 I went to see the movie “The Karate Kid” (mostly because I had a crush on Ralph Macchio but that is another story). There was a scene in the movie where Noriyuki “Pat” Morita’s character “Mr. Miyagi” is talking to Ralph Macchio’s character aiming to give […]

Newt Gingrich, Now It’s Time to Say Goodbye

Well everyone,  “Napping Newt” had to finally wake up, and before I begin this article I wanted to give him a real send off…(clearing my throat)…Ok, sing it with me (Mickey mouse club show theme music please): Who’s the leader of the club that embarrassed the G.O.P? N-E-W, T-G-I, N-G-R-I-C-H Newt Gingrich! (Mitt Romney) Newt […]

Barack Obama: Beyond Tradition

Pablo Ruiz y Picasso is now a well known and famous painter (born on October 25, 1881). However during his time he did not really receive the kind of recognition he deserved. Picasso was rebellious often rejecting traditional art forms. His works were often criticized and it was only after his death the true genius […]

President Obama: The Buffett Rule Rundown

Lately, there has been much discussion regarding what is now known as the Buffett Rule (no not buffet, Buffett this has nothing to do with food…it is named after billionaire Warren Buffett). This leads me to my first question…What exactly is the rule? In its most simplest terms it is a tax plan proposed by […]

Mitt Romney: GOP Political Race…And The Winner Is?

President Eisenhower once said he erred in his opinion and/or choices of only two people (for chosen elected officials) and that those choices later went on to shifted the tenor of the court from conservative to liberal, which was something he had not intended. Flash forward to our present day “choices” that will be equally […]