GOP Candidate, Ron Paul, Storms Off CNN Set: Interview Continues Without Him

GOP Candidate, Ron Paul, Storms Off CNN Set - Interview Continues Without HimCNN
During a CNN interview on Wednesday, GOP Congressman and candidate for president Ron Paul took off his microphone and walked out after questioning by Gloria Borgerseemed to make him uncomfortable and frustrated.

The questions that were asked of Paul regarded newsletters he published 20 years ago.  The newsletters apparently contained some pretty incendiary racist material, such as that the Israelies were responsible for the World Trade Center attacks in 1993.

While Paul was still in the room, he said that he didn’t read the newsletter because he was a busy doctor during the period of publication.  We must assume that Paul is being truthful here because we all know that doctors do not read in their spare time.  That would be a waste.  However, he did have plenty of time to publish the newsletter for profit of a reported one million dollars.

After a few more rounds of questions on the same issue, Paul, apparently frustrated, took off his microphone and left the set, refusing to answer any more questions.

Borger, ever stalwart, continued to ask questions even though Paul was no longer in the room.  After aggressively pursuing the same line of questioning for around three more minutes, Borger seemed satisfied with the response she was getting and ended the interview.  The following is a transcript of the second half of the Ron Paul interview.

Borger – I’m sorry if these questions make you uncomfortable Congressman, but it is my responsibility to ask them.

Ron Paul – (A low humming sound can be heard from the florescent lights overhead)

Borger – Mm hmm.  I see.  And why should we take your word when the evidence seems to point to the contrary?

Ron Paul – (The sound of Borger’s breathing)

Borger – But don’t you think the voters of this nation deserve better?

Ron Paul – (A dog barks in the distance)

Borger – Thank you very much for your time congressman.  Good luck in Iowa.  Back to you in the studio Wolfe.