Breaking: Rick Perry Campaign Video Stolen From MTV

Bill Dixon | Restoring Truthiness
Yesterday the internet was abuzz with the new Rick Perry campaign video. In the video Mr. Perry is climbing the delicate grassy slope of what appears to be a golf course, wearing his I’m-gonna-go-clear-the-snow-off-the-sidewalk jacket, complaining about homosexuals in chorus with a music bed of weak wind instruments.

The video has been remixed and parodied countless times over the past 24 hours and a quick Google search will render any number of colorful renditions of , I’ll call it, Rick Perry’s “swinging for the fences and desperately attempting to fill the vacuum Herman Cain left” strategy video.

What people don’t know is this: This campaign video was originally made for MTV’s all too short lived TV show The State in the early 90’s.

Rick Perry’s next video will show him in a basement with his best friend Garth talking about President Obama being a Kenyan.

Rick’s World. Party time. Excellent.



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