Michele Bachmann: Gays HAVE Marriage Equality

Michele Bachmann - Gays HAVE Marriage Equalitycfteditor
At a town hall meeting, Michele Bachmann reassured a Gay and Straight Alliance chapter president that we all have the same rights. When asked by the same student “Then why can’t same sex couples get married?” Bachmann replied, “They can get married. They can marry a man if they are a woman or they can marry a woman if they are a man.”

Well, that’s reassuring Michele. Only problem being that same sex couples aren’t attracted to the opposite sex. That’s like telling a professional baseball player he can play sports just not baseball. Have a go at bass fishing. “I don’t like the smell of fish,” retorts the baseball player. “I prefer tight pants and catching balls.” Michele’s solution: throw the player under the boat (worm tucked between legs) and tell him to “Catch a wife!”

All joking aside, in an age of bullying, teen and pre-teen suicides this is no laughing matter. Not to mention, how fair is it to wake up one day realizing your husband abhors your signature tuna tartar?

Carla Cherry is a comedian/writer/director living in Los Angeles. You can keep in touch here or catch her here.