Occupy Wall Street literally sends a message

There is something lovely about Facebook. Every so often, in between discovering Rebecca Black and invites to Farmville, post of actual importance and substance appear. This video just appeared on my feed, courtesy of a friend of mine from college. The video is about a month old, but with the recent shut down of the majority of the Occupy camps around the country, it felt timely to post something like this to keep fanning the fire. The 1% may be hammering down, but there is still a way to get the message out there. Enjoy and take notes.


About Trevor Reece

Trevor Reece is a writer, cartoonist and improv comedian. His comic, titled "Attorneys @ Law," is regularly featured on RestoringTruthiness.org. He has been drawing since he was 7, when he was heavily influenced by Tweety Bird cartoons (if you compare Tweety to any of Trevor’s characters, you’ll see that influence remains). Trevor began to hone both his writing and comics in the pages of his college newspaper, the Sonoma State STAR, where "Attorneys At Law" first appeared. In an ideal world, Trevor would make a living making people laugh and think with his cartoons. On a related note, Trevor is attempting to create the ideal world.