Union Leader: Newt? Meh, We Could Do Worse

Newt?MehSamuel DeMers | Restoring Truthiness
I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you, dear reader, are paying attention to the news. I know, it’s bit of a leap, seeing as how you’re here reading this. But if the assumption is true, I’m going to suppose that you also read the news story title “N.H. Union Leader backs Gingrich.”

“Woah,” I thought to myself. A union leader backs Gingrich? Newt Gingrich, a man who purports himself to be of the same political party that supports Union ball-busting legislation?

Strange, I had been under the impression that stereotypically, unions support Democrats, and businesses support Republicans. So I clicked the article. I was in for shocker.

Turns out, the N.H. Union Leader is a newspaper, which for many of you readers is an outdated format involving paper and ink. It’s a business that Warren Buffet himself said is pretty much dying, and that’s from the big man of the economy.

Why is it important? Well, because it is tied to the trend that people are idiots and do whatever the news tells them. We’re all aware of the Fox News-philes, the MSNerds, and the CNN-fanatics, and how their audiences pretty much do whatever they tell them. Bird flu prevention? Check. Swine flu hysteria? Check.

But originally, it started with newspapers and articles saying things like “Let’s go to War with Mexico!” that got the hypnotic masses moving. And dammit, we went to war with Mexico.

So what gives with this paper? It is, according to all major news networks, suddenly going to deliver the first primary state to Gingrich. The New Hampshire Union Leader’s Sunday Editorial said, and I’m quoting here,

“(Newt) is by no means the perfect candidate” but “the best candidate who is actually running.”

Gee. What a ringing endorsement. All it needed was “We could do worse, like Hitler or something.”

But there is a meaning in all this, and I’m happy to point it out. If you are aware that newspaper is an older business model that by all accounts is suffocating and running itself into the ground, then you’re probably perfectly fine with Gingrich.