OWS, Penn State, UC Davis, All Explained Through Chinese Animation


Obama Hippie OWS Chinese AnimationRebecca Donohue | Restoring Truthiness

Holy Cow! Obama is riding that hippie!

Whenever I feel like the news is too dark and we’re all drowning in a sea of hellfire, I watch one of these.  (I got that “drowning in a sea of hellfire” thing from the Teabaggers.)  These videos – they’re like a really good container of chicken fried rice after a monster hangover.  Let’s enjoy together, shall we?

Pepper Spray is Yummy and Delicious:  UC Davis Pepper Spray Scandal

Forget the Kent State, I mean, UC Davis scandal.  What are those moronic children complaining about?  Pepper spray is yummy and delicious.  You can put it on food and when a policeman sprays you he earns points!  Now, I think that’s only fair considering how little police and security officers get paid.  Why not let them earn a few points from time to time?

Highlights:  The Fox News logo turned into “Faux News”.  Pepper Spray vs. Tapatio – hint, Mexican food wins!

Occupy Wall Street Celebrates 1 Month Anniversary

If you thought those “dirty hippie” stereotypes were overblown, watch this video, which solidifies them all over again.  According to this wonderful animation, Zuccotti Park is drowning in tie-dye and love making.

Highlights:  The cold hippie who fights through his hippie friends to get a hot coffee from a corporate, Starbucks employee.  Obama, strangely, RIDING a hippie to represent “harnessing energy”.

Penn State Scandal

Watch out.  The shower scene is creepier than “Silence of the Lambs”.

Highlights:  The blind folds on EVERYONE.  It’s effective in showing how dumb we can be when we’re “fans” of something.  Don’t hold up any group, person, or people on too high of a pedestal or we all break like that football.  Ahem, Catholic Church, anyone?