Fowl Theories: Peace and Liberty Pardoned By Obama

President Obama Pardons Peace & Liberty Samuel DeMers | Restoring Truthiness

When I say Peace and Liberty, what do you think of? No, it’s not the political party named the Peace and Liberty party, which is a bit of a letdown for them. These days, it’s the name of the two newest turkeys invited to the Mt Vernon Turkey Ranch.

Peace and Liberty, the given names for the two turkeys pardoned by President Obama on Wednesday, are the latest in the tradition of the President pardoning a turkey the day before Thanksgiving. A proud tradition that was started by President Truman, and continued by every President since. But this year, some are crying fowl (yes, it’s an obligation to use that terrible joke every year).

The names of the turkeys are drawing some criticism from the right, who have interpreted these two turkeys as being “anti-American.” We had to turn to our crackpot Turkey research team, which we keep locked up in a closet, to pick out the biggest criticisms facing the President’s decision.

Mitt Romney: “Clearly, the President is soft on terrorism. He named the turkey’s Peace and Liberty.”

He then pointed to his own turkey candidate, named “Flopper” and questioned why his choice had been rejected.

Michelle Bachmann: “One of them is white feathered, but the other is black feathered. Is this just another sign of Affirmative Action gone bad? Clearly there were better choices for turkeys, but the President followed the failed social programs that have led this country to the kiddy table.”

Rick Santorum: “President Obama attempted to use the traditional Christian blessing, but we all know he’s a Muslim extremist.” He then added  “Plus we all know animals have no souls. That includes turkeys.”

But now there are two more turkeys at the Mt Vernon Turkey Ranch. Let’s hope we can move the rest of Congress there before Christmas.