Rick Perry’s Views On Iran Include Hamas/Hezbollah Training Bases In Mexico and On The Moon

While we all know that the United States is doing terribly when it comes to education, Texas Governor Rick Perry proved that you don’t have to be smart or educated to become a state governor or run for President. During last Tuesday night’s Republican debate on national security, Rick Perry espoused his belief that Hamas and Hezbollah are running training bases in Mexico.

Furthermore, on Wednesday Perry stated, “I also believe that they have established terrorist training bases on the Moon. So, not only do we need boots on the ground along the Mexican border… we also need them between us and the Moon no matter how much it costs!”

Okay, so there might be one small kernel of truth to Perry’s statement (about Mexico… not the Moon.) Iran did try to hire a Mexican cartel to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States a couple of months ago. But really, that’s like one small kernel of corn out of all of the cornfields in Iowa.

After all, the last time I checked, Mexico’s national religion is Roman Catholic which does not jive with Iran’s fundamentalist Shiite Islam. And it was the Roman Catholic Empire and the Persian Empire that fought each other during a little¬†skirmish¬†called The Crusades.

The idea that Mexico has terrorist groups supported by Iran is so laughable, our crackpot research team decided to dig into Rick Perry’s views on Iran and how it relates to Mexico. Here’s what they discovered…

How Rick Perry Sees Mexico, Version 1

Rick Perry Terrorist Threat... MexicoEd Brancheau | Restoring Truthiness

Rick Perry Terrorist Threat… Mexico

How Rick Perry Sees Mexico, Version 2

How Rick Perry Sees Mexico Version 2Electionworld

Rick Perry Terrorist Threat… Mexico

Hamas and Hezbollah Training Bases On The Moon

Terrorist Training Bases on the Moon

Perry claims that one can clearly see the terrorist training bases on the Moon. However, this most recent picture of the Moon given to us by NASA shows no lunar terrorist activity. "Hamas and Hezbollah must have moved their training bases to the dark side of the Moon," Perry responded.