Newsapolooza is Over as Occupy Houston Shooting Gets Little Coverage or Praise for Cops

Occupy Houston ShootingABC 13 New Houston
Remember back in the day when a madman threatening a crowd of peaceful citizens would be headline news? Remember the 24/7, non-stop coverage with reporters on the scene dodging ammo with their bullet-proof helmet hair and invisible microphone shield, helicopters in the sky surveying the tops of buildings and people’s heads to give us an overview of the traffic detours?

Well, those days are over folks. That newsapalooza is over. And as proof I offer you this from

HPD: Police shoot man armed with rifle in downtown park

That story you just watched wasn’t even covered by the three 24/7 cable news channels as of yet. Only and “covered” the story by slapping up the AP article on their website. Here’s the evidence:

Occupy Houston Shooting CoverageDeborah Brancheau | Restoring Truthiness
Instead CNN gave us a full breakdown of the UC Davis pepper spraying police officer meme. I’m sure you remember the cop who mowed down peaceful protesters like he was tagging his territory, complete with a re-cocking of the spray gun. While this incident was ridiculously wrong, the officers in Houston did their job and protected the protesters from Travis Bickle in business casual who was using bullets instead of a food product (as Megan Kelly refers to it) to communicate his message.

So a few police officers who apparently missed their daily glazed jelly donuts and vanilla lattes hose down protesters with pepper spray and it gets its own meme, but the cops that did their jobs right in Houston and protected protesters from being fatality shot get the local news and regurgitated-AP-article treatment.

By the way, the police shot the man in the ankle and, evidently, prevented any innocent people from being shot or hurt.