Jon Stewart Craps All Over Obama’s Campaign Video

Considering our options of douche bag, douche bag, douche bag, Obama, or douche bag, a lot of us might feel like some of those people in Obama’s new campaign video. “I don’t really like him; I don’t really trust him. But what are we gonna do? Learn someone else’s name?” as paraphrased by Jon Stewart. Stewart was merciless on Monday’s Daily Show as he went after Obama’s ridiculous record with regard to transparency – something Obama told us he was going to change for the better, making government more transparent than ever before.

However, as Stewart pointed out, “since taking office this has been the administration that’s prosecuted more whistle-blowers in two years than in the preceding 40 years; that meets with lobbyists across the street from the White House so they don’t have to disclose their meeting with lobbyists; and, this is true, censored nearly 200 pages of internal emails about their efforts to make government more transparent. Unless they’re hiding the fact that they’ve made government completely transparent because they wanted to surprise us … How weird has this administration’s record on transparency gotten?”

On top of all of this, the prez got an award for transparency! But guess what. The meeting in which he was to receive that award not only closed to the media but it was not even put on the president’s public schedule so members of the media wouldn’t even find out! Well that didn’t work out to well did it.


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