Colbert Croons and Rebecca Black’s Friday gets Lampooned All for Education

Sit (in the back seat) Ms. Rebecca Black and get your schoolin’ on. THIS is how you sing a terrible teen girl pop song. Watch the master, Stephen Colbert, at work. First, you wear a tuxedo. Everyone knows that. Then you start the song in a slow and low crooning voice, preferably male voice. Use the first verse to bring the song to an opening crescendo and then bust out the crazy white boy dance moves! I mean white girl dance moves! Throw in a Taylor Hicks, the Knicks City Dancers, a guy in a beekeeper’s costume and the abominable snowman and you have yourself a music video, girl!

Once you’ve got all that down pat, make sure to donate $86,000 to Or wait, I guess you have to do that first …

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