Rick Perry Attack Ad: Video Resume For Home Depot Night Manager Gig


Presidential hopeful Rick Perry, R-TX, is running a new 30-second advertisement accusing President Obama of having “socialist policies.” To which my immediate response was, “Pfft, I wish.” The ad has been running in heavy rotation on Fox News and is the latest of several ads released by Perry’s camp attacking the president.

Although a scathing critique of the current administration, this ad says much more of its architects than anyone else. This 30-second spot speaks volumes about the current state of the Perry campaign.

Bill Dixon | Restoring Truthiness

Perry Campaign Can’t Afford Youtube

In this screenshot taken from the advertisement, we see a washed out screen with a bluish hue, scan lines and significant film graininess, which can only mean one thing. The Perry campaign, instead of investing in a laptop to pull high definition clips of the President off of Youtube, has chosen a far more expensive choice:

1. Recording presidential press briefing from live TV to VHS.
2. Finding an old tube television to play VHS tape through.
3. Filming the screen of the old tube television playing the VHS tape.
4. Accidentally letting the film canister sit in a moist basement for 30 years.
5. Processing film very poorly.
6. Converting low quality processed film to digital format to be played in attack ad.

This seems like a lot of superfluous steps when it would be infinitely easier to simply download a quality clip from Youtube. My grandma knows how to post videos to her Facebook, for christ’s sake. Get it together, guys.

Bill Dixon | Restoring Truthiness

Perry Campaign Can’t Afford Studio

In this screenshot we see Mr. Perry standing in the woods. Obviously, his Super PAC refuses to dish out money to shoot in a studio so he is left with no choice but to drag a cameraman into the woods and shoot the whole thing Guerilla style, like The Blair Witch Project (Perry’s favorite movie.)

What is also clear from the above screenshot is the campaign’s lack of fonts. Maybe next time Rick Perry’s Super PAC can put aside a few bucks to make some different typography choices. For example, maybe take into consideration that Rick Perry is running for president of the United States of America, not making a PowerPoint presentation on salamanders for his 6th grade science class.

“And here I am, you see it says Rick Perry. I’m in the woods with my favorite blue shirt, ready to catch a Ambystoma maculatum, also know as a salamander.”

If Rick Perry plans to win his party’s nomination, he is going to have to work a little harder on his everything-besides-rugged-good-looks. But if the president thing doesn’t work out, he looks like he would make a great assistant manager at Home Depot.



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