Highly Caffeinated But Completely Sober Rep. Joe Walsh Yells at Constituents

Highly Caffeinated But Completely Sober Joe Walsh Screams at Constituents

We’ve all experienced them. Heck, I admit it, I’ve been one of them – the drunk annoying ahole at the bar screaming at people to shut up and “LISTEN! Damn it! Fiscal conservativism wooould n-never work on ship like Cloud 9, you fracking idiot! So shshshshut it!”

So I could totally understand when I first began watching this video that poor, poor Rep. Joe Walsh just had one of those moments. I just thought to myself, “Man, he holds his liquor better than his temper.” But then the punch line arrived near the end of his tirade when Mr. Walsh, instead of grabbing another brewsky, says, “I need more coffee.”

I don’t know whether to be relieved or terrified.