Conservative Nightmare Gloria Allred Exists Due to Conservative Ideals

Gloria Allred Is a Product of Conservative Ideals

The Herman Cain Campaign needs to understand that they only have conservative ideals to blame for the existence of Gloria Allred. As new allegations of unwelcomed hands in crotches surfaced today by yet another woman, “activist celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred” finally threw her blazer in the ring as the representative of victim number four, Sharon Bialek. Yet, Cain supporters and in particular the Cain Campaign is crying, “Figures”!

Well, of course, Cainanites! Girl’s gotta make a buck, right? Competition, right? She’s the best damn lawyer out there and if you want someone to represent you and win, you better get yourself some Allred! She’s all about the capitalism! She’s an excellent lawyer who represents her clients to the best of her ability.

And, if any of you were watching Fox and Friends this morning, you learned from comedian Brad Stine that it’s conservative ideals that create lawyers. After going on and on about how conservative concepts create men who invent things like the Constitution and liberal concepts create boys and they create things like Occupy Wall Street (and he didn’t say it in the warm and fuzzy way), he then tied it all together with this little doozy:

STINE: Even dodgeball, Brian [Kilmeade] knows this; dodgeball was to find the men from the boys. Guys that could nail you and knock your glasses off, we became lawyers, we became athletes, we became salesman. The boys who couldn’t handle it learned how to adapt, get their things knocked off, they went off and studied and they invented things like Apple computer.

So see? Gloria Allred is a product of conservative ideals.

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