Comedian Brad Stine on Fox & Friends: Boys Invented Apple Computers

Comedian Brad Stine on Fox and Friends - Boys Invented Apple Computers

Conservative ideals produce virile strong men and liberal ideals produce wussy effeminate mama’s boys according to comedian and Gérard Depardieu stunt double Brad Stine. And with new statistics to back nothing up like the fact that more and more fully grown men are living at home with their parents Stine has concluded that the “wussification of America” is upon us.

On Monday’s Fox and Friends, Stine had this to say about the difference between conservative and liberal thought in this country and how it affects the manliness of our men.

Gérard Depardieu

Gérard Depardieu

GÉRARD: Conservative concepts believe in little government — take care of yourself, and that makes men who invent things like the constitution! Liberal thought has big government — we’ll take care of you — and that creates boys and they create things like Occupy Wall Street! There’s a difference between the way men and boys behave.

And then he brought up the ever-popular Darwinian-Dodgeball logic:

GÉRARD: Even dodgeball, Brian [Kilmeade] knows this; dodgeball was to find the men from the boys. Guys that could nail you and knock your glasses off we became lawyers, we became athletes, we became salesman. The boys who couldn’t handle it learned how to adapt, get their things knocked off, they went off and studied and they invented things like Apple computer.

You know, I bet John Adams was a sick dodgeball player!