Jon Stewart Quells Brian Williams’ Halloween Fear of Permaprotests on Rock Center

Jon Stewart Quells Brian Williams Halloween Fear of Permaprotests on Rock Center

Bros Before Hoes, Man

Halloween is scary, scary night, which is why it was imperative for The Daily Show host Jon Stewart to ditch his clearly tough-as-nails kids and head on over to Rockefeller Center to be by the side of NBC news anchor Brian Williams as Mr. Willliams premiered his new show Rock Center. Evidently, Mr. Williams was terrified. Not by ghosts and goblins, witches and warlocks or the hellish Snooki costumes.

No, he was terrified by thousands upon thousands of other creatures of the night: Occupy Wall Street protesters!

Williams wanted to know how much friggin’ longer will he have to navigate the sea of 99% before scoring his latte on his way to Rockefeller Center.

WILLIAMS: Are we entering a kind of permanent era of protest here? Semi-permanent for the next couple of months, years, where, where does this…

STEWART: When did we stop?

WILLIAMS: Oh, this wasn’t our society. We were kind of cruising along at 50,000 feet you didn’t see (STEWART: The Tea Party) public demonstrations like this.

STEWART: You’re a news man. Go back to the Iraq war. There were a million people in the streets trying to do the … Do you have tape here? Do you have TiVo?

WILLIAMS: Well, I’m talking about the economy. The Tea Party started disrupting town hall meetings on the subject of health care.

STEWART: Loosen these (his sock suspenders?) because they’re cutting off your circulation. Do you recall that the Iraq war had protests; the Tea Party was a protest movement?

WILLIAMS: This is a new movement is all I’m saying. Do you think kind of movement, 99 vs. 1, this specific economic movement, is here for a good long while?

STEWART: I think as long as people feel as though there has been no remedy or no action that gives them confidence, that gives them the ability… and look it’s all perspective… You know, you got guys down in Zuccotti Park with a tent, you know, ruff’n it with brown rice and a tent. I’m sure there’s people maybe in Sub-Saharan Africa who are like, “Oooo tents. Look at you, Mister.” You know, so, it’s all perspective. The guys in Syria have a very different issue that they’re dealing with. But given that until people have hope that there is some sense that their grievances are being addressed and addressed seriously and that the government is becoming more agile to deal with that.

Now, I could be wrong, but I think maybe Mr. Stewart, the grand master of eloquence and verbiage, just might have ended that segment with an incomplete sentence. But he still got the Bros-Before-Hoes hand shake from Williams. A truly touching moment to cap off what might actually turn out to be a pretty good show.

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