Rick Perry’s New Motto: Open Mouth, Insert Wild Turkey

Rick Perry's new motto - Open Mouth, Insert Wild Turkey

Rick Perry’s new motto: Open Mouth, Insert Wild Turkey. Evidently, Rick Perry had a bit too much fun at a conservative hoot’n’annie on Friday where he let down his guard quite a bit leaving many on the left to suspect that the presidential candidate was loaded with something more than chootspah. Like, oh, I don’t know, adult beverages, maybe?

Shame on you, Mr. Perry!

While, he did come close to calling Obama a One-Worm President, Rick Perry has his defenders. In particular, National Review’s Robert Costa who believes that Perry was simply channeling his inner SNL character:

“I had two thoughts after watching that clip. One, it reminded me of Will Ferrel doing George W. Bush on Saturday Night Live. But, two, this is the Rick Perry who I saw in Waterloo, Iowa when he entered this race: athletic, energetic, connecting with voters. It’s a little probably too humorous to continue at this level, but Rick Perry, if he can continue to have this kind of energy, he could connect in Iowa and see some momentum. Because this is the Perry that did connect in Texas and that could connect in the early primary states. We haven’t seen it in his stiff persona throughout these debates.”

Identifying somewhat with Perry, Joe Scarborough provided waaaay too much information about how he self medicated through his back pain. And since the catatonic cat is already out of the barf bag, we’ll not leave you in suspense:

“I will tell you what my cocktail was when I had severe back pain and couldn’t walk for four months: Valium, Vicodin, just a little bit of vodka, just wash it down. Until my doctor said, ‘Don’t do that!'”

Kids, do not try this at home!!!

Scarborough continued, “I’m not saying that he was using drugs. I’m just saying that I was.”

Right. And the point of this discussion is to teach folks that if you use drugs, you too can become an MSNBC News host.

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