Breitbart: #OccupyWallStreet is “Working From Hamas Playbook”

Breitbart - OccupyWallStreet is Working From Hamas Playbook

Seems like Donny Deutch’s Kent State moment comment rubbed off on some idiots at Occupy Oakland who decided democracy was for pussies as they outvoted a nonviolent majority of protesters on Tuesday and aggressively retaliated against police who had previously teargased them. The majority of the protesters had no interest in brawling with the professionals who quite honestly are members of the 99% as well.

And now this small group of OWS douchebags have dug a huge hole for themselves and for the Occupy haters to fill with conspiracy theories galore including the newest Breitbart meme that OWS is working from the Hamas playbook.

Now, I have not seen the Hamas playbook myself but apparently Breitbart got an advanced copy and, judging from his assertion about OWS, Hamas must have lost some of its funding. Apparently they’re down to lobbing bottles, eggs, catcalls and heckles at Israel.