Answer: A member of the 99% – Question: What Is Ken Jennings?

Ken Jennings 99 Percent

If you’re a Jeopardy geek like me, you’ll remember Ken Jennings for his epic and as yet unbeaten run of 74 straight ass-whoop’ns on the best quiz show in history.

But that was a different time. A time when birds sang, the sun shined and fairies tucked you in at night. Now robots are taking American jobs and hard working quiz show contestants are left to fend for themselves.

JENNINGS: Remember 2004? A happier, more innocent time when a man could pull himself up by his bootstraps and, armed only with a humanities degree, support his family by winning 74 straight games of Jeopardy! in a row.

Then a huge multinational corporation poured millions of dollars into a computer that would demolish me on national TV, robbing me of my livelihood as a quiz show contestant.

Now I’m forced to hustle for a living as a “freelance writer,” like that’s a thing anymore.

I am the 99%.