Glenn Beck: Gaddafi Death Will Play Out At Occupy Wall Street

Glenn Beck - Gaddafi Death Will Play Out At Occupy Wall Street

Glenn Beck must think that Wall Street bankers are like evil despots who cruelly suppress the plebs they rule over with their gilded iron fists sculpted to crush US fighter planes. On his radio show Monday, Beck predicted the death of Gaddafi would be played out on the streets of America somewhere at the hands of Occupy Wall Street protesters.

 “Let me tell you something. Muammar Gaddafi was an evil guy,” said Beck “I mean, an eternity in hell is not enough. It’s not enough for him.”

Wait for it… wait for it…

“But did anyone see the last few moments of his life and actually kind of feel bad for him? I’m not saying he doesn’t get everything he deserves, but we’re talking an animal killed by animals.”

Yeah, sometimes when I watch the Discovery channel and a lion tracks down a gazelle, I totally feel sorry for the despotic, murderous, Viagra-rape-pill-to-soldier issuing, crimes-against-humanity-committing, Condoleezza-Rice-worshiping gazelle.

Beck continues:

“My good friend George Lange said to me … ‘Glenn I was listening to NPR … and they’re talking about Occupy Wall Street and then they say that you said that these people are going to drag people out in the streets and kill them, shoot them in the streets?’

And I said, “Yes.” (Laughter – cuz it’s funny)

And he looked at me so confused and he said, “How, how, how, how can you come that conclusion?”

All I could think of was this:

 [We thought we’d paraphrase for you here.]

Cause I’m fucking Nostradamus you f***ing idiot! I’m f***ing the oracle of Delphi! Wait that blasphemous… I’m f***ing the second coming! Well not f***ing the second coming but you get the idea…

Beck continued his revelation along with his sidekick dude guy claiming that because the Occupy Wall Street protesters were inspired by the Arab Spring peaceful protesters, somehow they are going to go all Egyptian National Guard on some Christian asses and wipe out the Gaddafi-like Wall Street banker leaders of our nation.

Beck concluded with this final thought:

“I’m really not going to answer the charges anymore that I’m crazy. Because the rest of society seems to be the definition of insanity!”