Top Ten #IDontWantThisToComeOutTheWrongWay Tweets Of The Day

Top Ten IDontWantThisToComeOutTheWrongWay Tweets Of The Day

Some of folks were a bit miffed at our post today slamming Donny Deutsch for his ludicrous comment regarding Occupy Wall Street in which he said, and we quote (hence the quotation marks):

“Obviously everybody is saying, they need to kind of clarify, they need policy issues — ‘this is what we want’ as opposed to…. The other thing it needs, and I don’t want this to come out the wrong way. If we think — not needs but will happen — if you think back to the late ’60s, what is the most stirring image of all of the rebellion that happened. What do we remember? Kent State. Now, I’m not saying somebody has to get killed. What will happen, there will be a climax moment of class warfare somehow played out on screen that I think will — the same way ‘9-9-9’, if you will, kind of simplifies a message — that articulates this clash. So, both the real clarification in terms of policy and unfortunately some imagery says to America, and I think those are the two things…”

The post was meant to highlight the fact that such fatuous comments will not only in fact be taken the “wrong way” but also, WTF was the “right way” to take those comments?

Nevertheless, there is fun to be had for all now as The Daily Show has taken it upon themselves to create the hashtag #idontwantthistocomeoutthewrongway in salute to the now infamous Douchie von Douchleton from Douchevalley, Mr. Donny Deutsch.

So without further adieu, here are the top ten #idontwantthistocomeoutthewrongway tweets of the day in no particular order (obviously the tweets keep-a coming so check out Twitter for updates):

  1. DagothAgahnim Danny Brown
    #idontwantthistocomeoutthewrongway but my general opinion of the human race is that natural selection needs to work harder
  2. Che_Twittara Lady Godiva
    #idontwantthistocomeoutthewrongway Maybe Israel occupying Palestine is like “Occupy Wallstreet” but they’re just really adamant about it
  3.  maxetluc Dennis
    #idontwantthistocomeoutthewrongway but since we can’t test stuff on animals, how about the homeless?
  4. RobertFata Robert Fata
    #idontwantthistocomeoutthewrongway but it’s no coincidence that babys are shaped like footballs (cc: @Donny_Deutsch @TheDailyShow)
  5. RpprTrndActrPJA Druncle Fuck
    #idontwantthistocomeoutthewrongway but baseball would get a lot more publicity if they’d just kick out all the black guys again.
  6. TheDailyShow The Daily Show
    #idontwantthistocomeoutthewrongway but our relationship needs more of a Charles Manson/Sharon Tate dynamic. (cc: @Donny_Deutsch)
  7. TheDailyShow The Daily Show
    #idontwantthistocomeoutthewrongway but Europe could use another Black Death. (cc: @Donny_Deutsch)
  8. maxetluc Dennis
    #idontwantthistocomeoutthewrongway but if we just killed all the poor people wouldn’t that end poverty?
  9. TheDailyShow The Daily Show
    #idontwantthistocomeoutthewrongway but the only thing that could make this burger more delicious is the Holocaust. (cc: @Donny_Deutsch)
  10. Random_WhiteGuy Norman Felker
    #idontwantthistocomeoutthewrongway but I think AIDs might be the cure to cancer. (cc @Donny_Duetch)