NAILED! Victoria Jackson Takes on #OccupyWallStreet

NAILED - Victoria Jackson Takes on OccupyWallStreet

Victoria Jackson, known for her career as a Saturday Night Live cast member, bravely ventured into the sea of Occupy Wall Street protesters in Lower Manhattan in an attempt to determine just what these left-wing agitators of are protesting.

It’s 15 minutes of fun as Jackson begins by pointing out the decade long absence of the Twin Towers saying, “that’s the [New York] skyline minus the Twin Towers that some Muslims crashed into.”

After a brief attempt to convert her cabbie to Christianity, she heads to the protests to catch the unsuspecting commies in all their Marxist glory!

And boy is she prepared with questions and comments like:

  1. “Don’t the rich people, aren’t they the ones that create all the jobs? Poor people don’t create all the jobs.”
  2. “I heard GE doesn’t even pay taxes… And they’re friends with Obama.”
  3. “But Jesus said a man should work for a living and not get a handout.”
  4. “So if socialism is so good then why does everyone around the world come to our country?”
  5. “Class warfare is Marxist.”
  6. “Oprah Winfrey had nothing and now she’s a billionaire, that’s capitalism.”
  7. “How are you going to make every one equal in good looks and smart brains?”
  8. “Do you believe in God?”

Without the video evidence to prove it, it would be tough to guess how these protesters could possibly handle these Glenn Beck talking points. See for yourself how the red bastards dealt with such a tough line of questioning.