#OccupyAtlanta Mutated From #OccupyWallStreet into The Blob! Don’t let John Lewis Speak?!

OccupyAtlanta Mutated Form OccupyWallStreet into The Blob Don't let John Lewis Speak

The human microphone, finger wiggles and groupthink got in the way of letting Civil Rights Leader John Lewis speaking to The Blob at Occupy Atlanta! Seriously, WTF happened to OccupyAtlanta? First off, what’s with the uber-creepy, human microphone crap? I get that actual microphones are a city violation and all, but this human microphone thing is just skin-crawlingly, goose-bumpingly, invasion-of-the-body-snatchers-like creepy weird! Quit it!!! NOW!!!

And enough with finger wiggles! What are you guys 3-years-olds? You’re outside!!! You don’t need to use your “inside hand signs!”

And don’t get me started with the groupthink. With the constant repetition of the human microphone, it sounds eerily like brainwashed zombies who would never dare break from the mob lest they be dismembered and devoured!

For Christ SAKE! The megaphone master [AKA Megatron] in this video, complete with his very own megaphone support system [just some other dude holding the megaphone], literally asks [human microphone included just to show you how ridiculously, mind numbing it is]:

MEGATRON: “How do we feel (how do we feel) about Congressman (about Congressman) John Lewis (John Lewis) addressing the assembly (addressing the assembly) at this time (at this time + cheers)? Are there any blocks/vlox/vox/bloxs [I have no friggin’ idea what Megatron was saying.]?

BEARDED DUDE: “I check [Hippy-speak? Dunno.] (I check) I first would like to (I first would like to) acknowledge the invaluable words (acknowledge the invaluable words) that congressman John Lewis (that congressman John Lewis) has dedicated his life to (has dedicated his life to) he has fought for the freedom (he has fought for the freedom) and the dignity and respect (and the dignity and respect) of countless lives (of countless lives). However, (however) the point of this general assembly (the point of this general assembly) is to kick start (is to kick start) a democratic process (a democratic process) which no singular human being (which no singular human being) is inherently more valuable (is inherently more valuable) than any other human being (than any other human being).”

MEGATRON: “I’d like to take (I’d like to take) a temperature check (a temperature check). This is not a vote (This is not a vote); this is just how you feel (this is just how you feel) about what The Blox [the amorphous man with no name but the vlox/vox/box/block/etc.] (about what the Blox) has said (has said). How do we feel about that?”

I’m a little freaked out that we found a new species of human (or is it human) and it f****** talks!!! But I digress.

MEGATRON: “It seems like (It seems like) we’re pretty close (we’re pretty close) to consensus (to consensus) for agreeing with the block (for agreeing with the block).”

There were a bunch of folks yelling “No,” and “Let him speak.” But most folks felt that because they were of equal value to John Lewis then John Lewis shouldn’t speak to them. Only the Vlox guy whose parents valued him so much they forgot to name him was given permission from Megatron to speak.

Of course, Megatron did ask, “Would anyone like (Would anyone like) to address the vlob ()?” So, I guess, John Lewis could have wiggled his fingers.

Oh, and when a bunch of folks began voicing their opposition to the “consensus” not to have John Lewis speak, Megatron simply began yelling over the megaphone, “Mic-check! Mic-check!” Then something about democracy and consensus. But you know what they say: “Whoever has the biggest megaphone wins.” Right?

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