Top Ten #IDontHaveFactsToBackThisUp Tweets of the Day

Herman Cain OccupyWallStreet - IDontHaveFactsToBackThisUp Tweets

Inspired by the ever-eloquent Herman Cain and his now infamous “I don’t have facts to back this up” intro to his then conspiracy–laden nonsense regarding Occupy Wall Street, here are the top 10 tweets of the day with the hashtag #IDontHaveFactsToBackThisUp. They’re in no particular order and quite honestly this hashtag is just getting started on Twitter so real doozies are being posted as we type!

  1. Camry drivers make excellent assassins. #idonthavefactstobackthisup #CainTrain @THEHermanCain
    @TheDailyShow, The Daily Show
  2. Obama told me through the T.V. to #occupywallstreet @THEHermanCain #CainTrain #idonthavefactstobackthisup
    @LaceyEnFuego, Lacey
  3. Left handed people are actually from a parallel dimension. #idonthavefactstobackthisup #CainTrain @THEHermanCain
    @brewerfan71, Barry Laabs
  4. 83% of Americans are Canadian #idonthavefactstobackthisup
    @TheDailyShow, The Daily Show
  5. Now, #idonthavefactstobackthisup but I believe @THEHermanCain’s 9-9-9 plan is just the 6-6-6 plan upside down.
    @AndyPino, Andy Pino
  6. Newt Gingrich has the incorporal soul of Ronald Reagan trapped in an old jellybean jar. #idonthavefactstobackthisup
    @TheInDecider, TheInDecider
  7. If you say “Herman Cain” three times in a mirror, a Godfather’s Pizza appears at your door. #idonthavefactstobackthisup @THEHermanCain
    @B_Hay, Brendan Hay
  8. Rick Santorum obsessively collects degraded urinal cakes #idonthavefactstobackthisup
    @bjgunts, B.J. Gunts
  9. Thomas Edison invented the ShamWow #idonthavefactstobackthisup #CainTrain @THEHermanCain
    @TheDailyShow, The Daily Show
  10. @glennbeck ‘s favorite safe word is “Religiosity.” Try saying that 5 times fast with a ball gag. #idonthavefactstobackthisup
    @FoxNewsReports, Fox News Reports