Koch Brothers Star in “Clear and Present Danger: Axis of Evil”

Koch Brother Star in “Clear and Present Danger - Axis of Evil”

Somebody is writing the script right now! The federal agents are hiding in ditches, crouched behind scrub cedars and ducking behind cows to avoid detection by the evil corporate oil companies. Seriously, that line is taken almost word for word from Bloomberg’s recent takedown of Koch Industries “Koch Brothers Flout Law With Secret Iran Sales.”

Cerberus, picture by William Blake (18th cent.)

Cerberus in Greek and Roman mythology, is a multi-headed hound which guards the gates of the Underworld, to prevent those who have crossed the river Styx from ever escaping. - Image via Wikipedia

Bloomberg released the hounds on the Koch brothers as 14 journalists tore the flesh off the mega-beast to reveal the inner workings of one of the most influential international corporations in the world. And by hounds we mean Cerberus-type hellhounds with a taste for Armani.

The expose delves into questionable and downright criminal behavior by Koch Industries from the 1940s to today focusing on the more recent illicit activities As FireDogLake.com writes, “The portrait painted is frankly of a criminal enterprise.”

Included in the list of atrocities is the fact that Koch Industries has sold millions of dollars of petrochemical equipment to Iran, a country that the Bush Administration identified as the Axis of Evil and that the U.S. government identifies as a sponsor of global terrorism.

So we weren’t too far off with the Cerberus thing, were we? These guys seem to have sold their soul to Hades, if you know what I mean.

And that’s not all. They also have been dumping waste right onto the ground:

Koch dumped a million gallons of wastewater with high ammonia content on the ground between November 1996 and March 1997 and also increased its flow of wastewater into the Mississippi River on weekends when Koch did not monitor its discharges. These actions allowed Koch to circumvent the weekly monitoring and reporting requirements of its wastewater discharge permit.

And they violated the Clean Water Act by “negligently” discharging aviation fuel into a wetland in the Dakota County Park System in Minnesota:

Even though Koch was aware of the problem, it did not develop a comprehensive plan to recover between 200,000 – 600,000 gallons of released fuel until June 1997. In addition, the establishment of the system to recover the fuel destroyed a portion of the surrounding ecosystem and wildlife habitat.

However, probably the most heart-wrenching violation that Koch committed cost the lives of two teenagers. On Aug. 24, 1996, Danielle Smalley and her friend Jason Stone, both 17, were burned alive after they tried to restart their truck while trying to escape an area that smelled like gasoline. The gas was coming from one of the Koch Pipeline Co’s known corroded pipelines that had not been fixed.

This list is by no means complete. You must read the article for the full impact of the atrocities. It’s mind-blowing and that’s an understatement.

As the Bloomberg journalists sum it up in their article:

For six decades around the world, Koch Industries has blazed a path to riches — in part, by making illicit payments to win contracts, trading with a terrorist state, fixing prices, neglecting safety and ignoring environmental regulations. At the same time, Charles and David Koch have promoted a form of government that interferes less with company actions.

So it’s profits all along that’s been motivating them? But I thought it was it lower taxes that motivates business.