Robertson: My Divorce-Your-Wife-with-Alzheimer Comments Were Misunderstood

Robertson Claims His Divorce-Your-Wife-with-Alzheimer Comments Were Misunderstood

Pat Robertson envies the Catholic priests because “when they have somebody in confession it’s all kept secret. “Yep, that’s what I was thinking, too, and know I have to wash my brain out with soap … and maybe some bleach.

What he was referring to, though, was the fact that Catholic priests are fortunate not to have a nationally-syndicated-televangelist-nonsense-spewing-soap-box of a TV show where they can excrete any “advice” they deem Godly enough for their suppliants.

Evidently, Robertson is a little embarrassed by something he said a couple weeks ago in which he basically told a man whose wife was suffering from Alzheimer’s that “he should divorce her and start all over again.” Notice the quotation marks. Those words are taken directly from Robertson’s mouth and, not only that, but you can watch him say it in the video below.

Needless to say, there was hell to pay (pardon the pun) for those comments and now Robertson is attempting to backtrack. He claims his I-know-it-sounds-cruel-but-if he’s-going-to-do-something-he-should-divorce-her-and-start-all-over-again comments were misunderstood.

That’s soooooo not what he meant!!! LOL, OMG!

No, no. What he meant was:

This guy is a douche bag because he’s committing adultery and adultery is bad and the only way to fix it is to make sure your wife is in hospice.

This was so not for everyone else to hear! Why the f*** were you guys listening! Don’t you know that that’s eavesdropping and that violates the 11th Commandment! Thou shall not hear me say stupid sh!t even when it’s on national TV and intended for all audiences and I am answering personal emails on the air as a gimmick so that I can make general statements about Godliness even though God hasn’t returned any of my phone calls since 1974!

Plus, my wife and I have been sick a lot and we didn’t divorce. Neither of us had Alzheimer’s but it’s all the same, right? So what I’m saying is … I totally forgot what I said a couple weeks ago. Hey, who’s that douche bag with Adelia!

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