Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are Sexist Pigs Yet Again

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are Sexist Pigs

Where have all the females gone? According to artist Jennifer Dalton, they’re not on the Daily Show or The Colbert Report. Nope. According to her recent art installationCool Guys Like You” featured at New York City’s Winkleman Gallery only 21% of The Daily Show‘s guests in 2010 were women, while only 17.5% of The Colbert Report‘s 2010 guest line-up were women.

Dalton thus concluded:

I would like to understand why men are still perceived as more brilliant, more fascinating and more important than women … I assume you like to see yourselves as critical thinkers. Might it be possible to get a bit more critical about the internal and external forces that encourage all of us to think that men produce the best ideas and cultural products out there? I think it might.

Okay. So here’s a little bit of critical thinking for you, Ms. Dalton, granted these stats are not from 2010:

In 2011, women hold 90, or 16.8% of the 535 seats in the 112th U.S. Congress – 17, or 17.0%, of the 100 seats in the Senate and 73, or 16.8%, of the 435 seats in the House of Representatives.

In 2011, 71 women hold statewide elective executive offices across the country; women hold 22.4% of the 317 available positions.

Considering, that we women only occupy roughly 20% of elected offices nationwide, it’s safe to assume that women probably only occupy about 20% of political positions nationwide. That is far more likely why women are interviewed only 20% of the time!

It’s not rocket science. If we women want a voice in politics then WE need to SPEAK UP!