Epic Showdown: Andrew Breitbart Big Government vs. Media Matters

Epic Showdown - Andrew Breitbart Big Government vs Media Matters

It was 59 seconds of pure tension as the two heavy-weights of political boxing went toe-to-toe Tuesday in the lobby of Media Matters Washington, DC based headquarters over copies of Media Matter’s IRS forms.

In the red corner, requesting copies of the forms, stood conservative media titan Andrew Breitbart, Big Journalism editor Dana Loesch, and Big Government editor Mike Flynn. In the blue corner, in possession of said forms, stood Media Matters Executive Vice President Ari Rabin-Havt.

The anticipation was as thick as the bullsh!t in the air. Pulses pounded. Breitbart and his team had flown all the way from Los Angeles in preparation for this one blockbuster battle. Cameras at the ready by both sides; YouTube accounts logged in. It’s a go!

Out from the elevator steps Ari, camera rolling! There’s Andrew and his team at the ready, Dana filming the epic struggle!

ARI RABIN-HAVT: Hey, Andrew.

ANDREW BREITBART: Is this the latest?

ARI RABIN-HAVT: That’s the latest something, something, something…

SOME GUY: Yep, (garble) that’s it.

BREITBART: Okay. Thank you.

ARI RABIN-HAVT: You’re welcome.

SOME GUY: Are the Schedule B’s here?

ARI RABIN-HAVT: Every Schedule that we’re publicly required to give you is there.

The blood! Oh my God! You should see all the blood! It was everywhere!!!