Syria’s Al-Assad Can’t Take a Joke – Brutally Beats Ali Ferzat, Political Cartoonist

Syria's Al-Assad Can't Take a Joke - Brutally Beats Ali Ferzat, Political Cartoonist

When you can’t take a joke apparently the thing to do is to take away the jokester’s means of telling the joke. That is exactly what despot dictator Bashar al-Assad of Syria did to outspoken political cartoonist Ali Ferzat. Early Thursday just as Ferzat was leaving his studio, Al-Assad had Ferzat kidnapped by five gunmen, had him beaten, had his hands broken and then had him dumped on a road outside Damascus airport.

“He was savagely beaten, they broke his fingers and told him not to satirize Syria’s leaders,” Ferzat’s brother, Asaad, told Al Jazeera.

Luckily some good Samaritans were passing by and rushed him to Al-Razi hospital where he is now receiving care.

Needless to say, the beating wasn’t going to crush the spirit of Ferzat. A recent illustration is now floating around The Internets which has been attributed to Mr. Ferzat. Chances are he did not create it considering his current condition. But you have to give some credit to his comedic and satirical spirit. It’s contagious!

Check out Al Jazeera’s live blog of the events here.

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