Gay GOP Candidate Fred Karger Kicks Fox News in the Nads (Video Interview)

Gay GOP Presidential Candidate Fred Karger Files Complaint with FEC

“TGIS, motherf*ckers!” That’s gotta be what Rupert Murdoch is thinking right now after having to endure a Friday like no other. On August 19th, 2011, News Corp. received a shot to the nads from within the Republican Party. Fred Karger, the first openly gay presidential candidate from either major political party, filed a complaint with the FEC regarding his being barred by Fox News from participating in the Iowa Debate prior to the Straw Poll.

Filed a complaint! Oh! That’s gotta hurt!

In the 158-page document that was also hand-delivered to Fox News headquarters on Friday in New York, Karger explains how the network suddenly changed the rules regarding who qualifies after he met the previously outlined threshold:

When I did not meet the criteria for your May 5, 2011 debate in Greenville, South Carolina I did not object. When I did not meet CNN’s very specific ‘pre-established objective criteria’ for its June 13, 2011 debate in Manchester, New Hampshire, I did not object then either. But when you changed the criteria after I qualified for the August 13th debate, I strongly object. [The Advocate]

The issue stems from Fox News’ requirement that candidates “garnered at least an average of one percent in five national polls based on most recent polling leading up to the registration day.” Karger illustrated to Fox News back on August 5th that he accomplished that requirement:

In the Harris poll, Karger scored higher than froth-master Rick Santorum, who got 1% of the vote and who was allowed into the Iowa Debate.

This isn’t the first time Karger has filed an FEC complaint. He filed one back in February after being excluded from a GOP forum in Iowa he feels because he was gay. In an email to Karger from the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition (what an oxymoron), the sponsor of the March 7 forum, President Steve Scheffler said:

You don’t care about transparency—you and the radical homosexual community want to harass supporters of real marriage. Have you studied our past caucuses—you have no chance here in Iowa. [The Advocate]

When you continue to close the doors on him and not allow him to speak a GOP events because of your bigotry, you right, he has no chance. And gays are like totally radical!

Dave Rubin Interviews President Candidate Fred Karger from Dave Rubin on Vimeo.

Dave Rubin and Presidential Candidate Fred Karger (Part 2) from Dave Rubin on Vimeo.