Rush Limbaugh Sees Obama in Oreo Cookie

Rush Limbaugh Sees Obama in Oreo Cookie

Rush Limbaugh says garbage most of the time and guys like him and Glenn Beck use race baiting on a continual bases to generate media coverage and thus increase their ratings. Thus it is often important to pick and choose when to address such lunacy. Limbaugh’s latest comments regarding Oreos and President Obama’s ethnic heritage is one of those instances that needs some addressing.

For a man who has probably downed quite a few Oreos himself, Limbaugh was excited to find out that Kraft is now introducing the new Triple Double Oreo which is basically a regular Oreo with an added layer of chocolate cream and a third chocolate wafer.

Okay, wake up! Come back to me.

I know you were just dreaming of the most beautiful Oreo cookie you’ve ever seen, right? Well, it’s doesn’t glow like that and it doesn’t come with the angelic music.

Anyway, Limbaugh pictured something completely different. He pictured President Obama.

It’s a “Triple Double” Oreo. Do you like Oreos, is that…? Well, what it’s going to be here, it’s actually a biracial cookie. You’ve got three of the chocolate wafers, and then you’ve got the white vanilla cream, and then there’s a chocolate cream. So you’ve got three… The thing is, there’s Oreo on it, the wafer. And then you’ve got the white cream, and you got another chocolate wafer, and then you’ve got the chocolate cream and then you’ve got the bottom wafer. The Triple Double Oreo. You wait, it won’t be long before it’s going to be called the “Obameo” or something like this. Well, it’s a biracial cookie here!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!… Ha!……… Ha!………….. Ha………………..ha…………………………….ha…

Get it? See, the President is biracial and the cookie is black and white! So that makes it funny!

Wait… Oreos have always been black and white. That makes me wonder… has anyone ever used this super funny joke before? Because, man, if they haven’t they’re really missing out on the funniness.

Yes, Rush! Yes, they have! You, idiot! The term “Oreo” has long been used as a racial epithet! And anyone with half a brain would know that which explains why Limbaugh might not have known that.

But still the question remains, if Limbaugh had half a brain, what could have possibly compelled him to say such a truly biracist thing? Alex Alvarez from Mediaite homed in on a possible answer:

He found biraciality odd or funny enough to become a punchline on its own, without offering further analysis. As such, Limbaugh comes across as being bothered by biraciality without being able to articulate why. He’s the kindergarten bully at the playground who throws sand in the face of the girl he likes because he doesn’t know how to voice his feelings, or is afraid or embarrassed by them.