Pew Proves It: Ron Paul Gets Snubbed by Media

Ron Paul Gets Snubbed by Media 600x370Poor Ron Paul. If only he were a female, half his age riding around on a tour bus like he’s friggin’ Hanna Montana; or if only he was uber rich but follicly challenged and damn certain that maybe the leader of the free world was born in Kenya; or if only he’d treat marriage like Goldilocks treated the Three Bears – like a rat bastard. You see, Ron Paul has an image problem when it comes to the media – he’s got a clean one.

And now, according to the Pew Research Center, it is all but proven that the media is completely ignoring him. As Jon Stewart pointed out on Monday on The Daily Show, even after Ron Paul came in second by less than 200 votes to Michele Bachmann in the Iowa Straw Poll, the media was still fixated on guys like Santorum over Paul, who as Stewart explained “LOST to the guy who lost so bad (T-Paw) he DROPPED OUT OF THE RACE!”

Paul was also out-mentioned by Huntsman of whom Stewart claimed, “If all of Jon Huntsman’s supporters met at the same Ames, Iowa Quizno’s, the fire marshal would say, ‘Yeah, that’s fine, no problem.’“

This forced Stewart to ask the inevitable: “How did libertarian Ron Paul become the 13th floor in a hotel?”

Our belief is that, as we said above, his image is too clean. He needs to go pick up a prostitute or something. But the facts are the facts.

Pew Research Center reports:

From January 1-August 14, Paul has been a dominant newsmaker in only 27 campaign stories. (To be considered a dominant newsmaker, someone must be featured in at least 50% of a story.) That is less than one-quarter of the media attention generated by former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney (120 stories), who is the top newsmaker among Republican candidates. And he has received 25% as much coverage as Bachmann, the Minnesota Congresswoman (108 stories).

Paul’s coverage also lags far behind Trump (94 stories), who dallied with a run before opting out in mid-May and Palin (85 stories), who has given no indication to date that she will enter the race. In addition, Paul trails longshot candidate and former Utah governor Jon Huntsman (44 stories) and Texas Governor, Rick Perry (33 stories) who only announced his candidacy on August 13.

The only significant GOP candidates that Paul is besting are former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum (21 stories) and businessman Herman Cain (11 stories).