Government F*cks Over Our Military with Improperly Tested “Bullet-Blocking” Plates for Body Armor

Government F*cks Over Our Military with Improperly Tested “Bullet-Blocking” Plates for Body ArmorRemember our military that our politicians claim to love so much? Well, apparently they love them so much that they want to eulogize them as much as possible. Twenty-one gun salutes as often as the guns can be reloaded. And if they had their druthers they’d probably aim those guns at army soldiers wearing the new, improperly tested “bullet-blocking” plates that they call “body armor.”

No sh!t!!! These douchebags, for lack of a stronger word, improperly tested 5 MILLION PIECES of CRITICAL battlefield equipment!

According to the AP:

The Pentagon report [conducted by the Defense Department‘s inspector general] focused on seven Army contracts for the plates, known as ballistic inserts, awarded between 2004 and 2006 and totaling $2.5 billion. The inspector general’s audit, carried out over a two-year period ending in March, found the tests were incomplete, conducted with the wrong size plates or relied on ballistic test rounds that were inconsistent. Due to the demands of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, tests under certain temperatures and altitudes were scrapped altogether.

“Consequently, the Army cannot be sure that ballistic inserts meet … requirements,” the report said. “As a result, the Army lacks assurance that 5.1 million ballistic inserts acquired through the seven contracts provide appropriate protection.”

The Army lacks assurance that 5.1 million ballistic inserts … provide appropriate protection?


These military men and women go well beyond providing appropriate protection for you, me and the rest of this country and you “lack assurance” that 5.1 MILLION BALLISTIC INSERTS PROVIDE APPROPRIATE F*CKING PROTECTION!!!

These heroes don’t get paid enough to be your political football nor target practice for insurgents.

But I do have to give credit to one politician for working diligently to bring this to light. As the AP reports:

Since January 2006, [Rep. Louise Slaughter] the New York Democrat has pressed the military about the effectiveness of body armor after The New York Times reported that 80 percent of Marines serving in Iraq who had been shot in the upper body had died because of inadequate body armor.

Eighty percent… 80-f*cking-%!