Jobs for Iowa Challenges Colbert Super PAC to Tractor Pull

Jobs for Iowa Challenges Colbert Super PAC to Tractor PullOh it is ON!!! … Hopefully … Jobs for Iowa issued a press-release-double-dog dare on Friday night, the night before the Iowa Straw Poll challenging Stephen Colbert and his Super PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow Tomorrow to a good old fashion tractor pull. No word yet on whether Mr. Colbert accepted the challenge since he had less than a day to respond. What? Is Jobs for Iowa scared that they may have unleashed the beast?

Apparently, Jobs for Iowa wasn’t to happy with Stephen Colbert for calling shotgun on Rick Perry, er, Rick Parry, with an “A” for IowA and for America. So they decided that this little feud needed to be settled. Jobs for Iowa is calling dibs on Rick Perry, with an “E” for employment. I’ve never heard of that state let alone that country. Nevertheless, they want to settle this once and for all the Iowan way… with a tractor pull.

The following is the release that Jobs for Iowa sent out:


TX—Last week our favorite Fox News-loving Iowans woke up to Jobs for Iowa’s compelling television ad highlighting Texas Governor Rick Perry’s proven record of creating jobs (and by the way, that is Perry spelled with an “e”… as in “employment”).

The ad also caught the attention of our favorite talking torso, Stephen Colbert. Mr. Colbert, obviously upset with Jobs for Iowa since he had already “endorsed Perry weeks ago” and “called shotgun,” delivered the message heard round the State of Iowa: “Back off b!tche$. I saw him first.”

Well, Frenchy, we accept your challenge. Because like The Highlander, there can only be one. Forget the airwaves. It’s time to settle this like the Iowans none of us are in the ultimate competition for super PAC dominance.

An old-fashioned tractor pull … to be held August 13 at the Ames Fairgrounds. Mr. Colbert, consider this the proverbial white-gloved slap to your face.

Jobs for Iowa vs. Making a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow. Super PAC vs. Super PAC. Rick Perry vs. Rick Parry. Tractor vs. Tractor. In an epic battle for the most revered title of all: The Super-Duper PAC.

Mr. Colbert, the only thing in Iowa that can stake claim to a silent letter is Des Moines, so you need to take your “t” back to France. It’s time to put up or shut up … the Iowa way.