America is the New Mexico (Sorry, Mexico)

According to Jack Cafferty’s Cafferty File, America isn’t good enough for illegal immigrants anymore. They are literally turning their backs on us and heading to greener pastures in, of all places, Mexico.

Yep, it turns out even Mexicans won’t put up with our sh*tty economy, and they put up with Menudo for how long? These people are a tolerant people but why the heck would they suffer with our 9.2% unemployment rate when Mexico’s unemployment rate is only 4.9%.

Cafferty explained that 300,000 illegal aliens have left California alone since 2008. While some were deported, many were attracted by Mexico growing economy:

That country’s economy is now growing 4-5%. According to the UN, Mexico’s average standard of living – which includes things like health, education and per capita income – is higher now than in Russia, China and India.

I think they’re gonna need to build a wall.

The funniest comments Cafferty highlighted (does not mean we agree with them):

GEORGE IN PENNSYLVANIA: I just went to Sears to buy a Wet Vac. I found it was made in Mexico. Maybe they’ve got something there.

PARAH SALIN: Ain’t ‘free trade’ great? Waiter, another round of cat food! Any chance in the next election we’ll get what we vote for?

TIM IN COLORADO: It says that they are tired of the Situation Room.

DAN: Take me with you, amigos!